‘WWE Legends’ House’ Season 1, Episode 6 recap: LARPing

‘WWE Legends’ House’ Season 1, Episode 6 recap: LARPing

The cast of Legends house has done battle in title matches, in steel cages and at WrestleMania, but none of the boys could have been prepared for the epic fight they would wage on this week’s “WWE Legends’ House.”

BEHOLD! Episode 6's Fink Factor!

As the crew unwound from last week’s water aerobics session and art exhibition, their crib was invaded by two hooded and masked medieval warriors. The cast was informed that their lovely host, “Princess Ashley,” had been kidnapped and was being held by an evil warlock in another realm. To save her, the Legends were tasked with taking part in a live action role-playing (LARP) battle. But first, they needed the proper equipment.

Each individual was given a weapon that was paired with its own specific power. Jimmy Hart’s hammer came with the power of fear, and “Mean” Gene Okerlund’s large microphone made him a wizard with the power to heal. And of course, Roddy Piper’s “Great Sword” gave him the ability to instantly kill.

Once they held necessary artillery and were decked out in old-timey garb from the local costume shop, the Legends headed out to the Palm Springs desert to save Ashley. The evil warlock appeared, dragging the beautiful host through the sand. When Tony Atlas approached the villain and demanded her safety, an army of goons appeared.

Instantly, an epic battle ensued. And while Hart suffered a gruesome gash on his leg, each competitor used his power spectacularly, especially Piper, who took no prisoners with his wild fighting style. Ashley was saved, Atlas was crowned king, and the Legends had saved the day.

Photos of the wacky LARP battle | Exclusive video highlights

Back at the house, as the crew reflected on their LARPing experience, Tony prepared a special dinner. But instead of an alienating meal of chitlins and pig’s feet, he cooked up some comfort food, including mashed potatoes, green beans and meat loaf. Even Howard Finkel pitched in with some truly terrible margaritas. There was peace among the one, big, happy family and all was well in Legends’ House.

When Ashley returned the following day, the Legends anticipated another crazy activity. Instead, they were told they were going to receive a day of pampering. Off the boys went for massages, facials and pedicures at the classy Salon 119. “I feel like a new man,” noted Pat Patterson. Well deserved, as the episode closed with a quiet spot of tea.

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