The Fink Factor: May 22, 2014

The Fink Factor: May 22, 2014

With “The Fink Factor,” I will strive to expound on a few items from each week’s episode of “WWE Legends’ House,” and also drop a couple of choice tidbits here and there from my overall experience. Without further ado …

How does one go from “LARPing,” to eating family dinner, to getting pampered at a spa, all within a 24-hour period? Only in the Legends’ House, my friends.

  • When these three costumed characters came to the door at the opening of the show, I wondered if the house was getting to me. Trick or treating is usually done at night! But once the purpose of their visit was explained to us, the puzzle was put together.
  • “LARPing”? Um, OK. As I have said in an earlier Fink Factor, “expect the unexpected” was the unofficial mantra of the house, and this activity unequivocally qualified. And when “Princess" Ashley’s shoe was delivered as evidence that she was being held captive, Tony Atlas’ face lit up like a Christmas tree! To each his own, but this was one of the rare challenges that Tony was more than eager to partake in.
  • The costuming of me and my housemates was a fun experience, with aisles upon aisles of attire to choose from! I think we were all satisfied with our selections, especially Jimmy Hart. Leave it to the Memphis, Tenn., native to go with the home-team Elvis regalia. It did not fit the theme, but it worked for The Mouth of the South. And by the way, the cut on Jimmy’s leg earned him not one ounce of sympathy from anyone!
  • We had no idea that every single LARPer in the state of California would be earmarked for this massive battle. We were certainly outmanned and greatly outnumbered by a substantial margin, but far from being outsmarted. Less became more, as the "Elite Eight" of us prevailed. "Princess Ashley" was rescued, and we lived happily ever after (or something like it)!
  • The many LARPers that fought us were truly brave. The desert sand on which the battle was contested had many fire ants and a few scorpions, and as the enemy was overtaken, they stayed on the ground for a good amount of time. In effect, they were the true soldiers of the day!
  • When we got back to the house, Tony, perhaps feeling some guilt from the chitterlings and pig’s feet feast for two, redeemed himself big time by preparing a delicious dinner that was major league and enjoyed by all, Jimmy Hart’s cheese and crackers notwithstanding. That was the first time we sat at the dining room table and ate as a “family.” It really felt good; food can work wonders that way.
  • And Gene Okerlund saying the margaritas I made were terrible? Whatever. But I can tell you this: He was not shy in consuming a number of them that night.
  • Finally, the day of pampering was a pleasant surprise for all of us. The steam facial, massage, manicure and pedicure were the cure for our ails. I think we all were skeptical at the onset, but as the spa session progressed, it truly was a wonderful respite from the everyday activities that we endured, both in and out of the house. And as we left the spa, we were all given a gift bag of men’s grooming products to enjoy.

All in all, this timeframe of events brought us closer together as a group, and I personally hoped that was going to go long way to attaining total harmony. Did it? Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. Be back next week.

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