The Fink Factor: May 8, 2014

The Fink Factor: May 8, 2014

With “The Fink Factor,” I will strive to expound on a few items from each week’s episode of “WWE Legends’ House,” and also drop a couple of choice tidbits here and there from my overall experience. Without further ado …

  • At the beginning of this week’s “WWE Legends’ House,” you likely noticed my housemate, Roddy Piper, was not enamored with me, based on the seat that I occupied on the limousine ride from the house to Las Vegas. I honestly did not know that I was in the “captain’s chair” (as discussed by Roddy) and the protocol that went with it. Truth be told, Tony Atlas suggested I take that seat in the limo. I said to Tony, “Are you sure?” And Tony said, “Absolutely.” So there I went, not recognizing Hot Rod’s disdain for my actions. But when you don’t know, you don’t know. Had something been said to me right then and there, I would have gladly obliged.
  • Additionally, as I occupied that seat, apparently it was incumbent upon me to check with the patrolman to make sure that everything was all right. I said very little, as I was brought up on the idiom if you are not involved in the situation, then keep out of it. Again, another apparent breach of protocol on my end.
  • Las Vegas was a treat, along the lines that we all got our phones back to use during our stay! I compared that joyous moment to reuniting with a long lost friend!
  • A Chippendale?? I can honestly tell you that we were all visually united that day. If looks could tell a story, we were unanimous in shuddering at the thought of dancing onstage.  And then the trip to get “manscaped”? I felt so bad for Piper and Hillbilly Jim’s “old school electrolysis” session. By their screams that emanated from their respective rooms, you would’ve thunk those fellows hit a slot jackpot. Far from it!
  • The tension between “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas at the theater was legitimate. By their gnarling at each other, I truly thought that their show wouldn’t go on, but some divine intervention by the fellow brethren diffused that powder keg.
  • Once it was show time, everyone was in a “go” mood — i.e., have fun and entertain, which all of my housemates were more than capable of doing. As I rode back to the Legends’ House the next day, I reflected on my Las Vegas experience, putting it in the category of one-and-done!

Be back next week. Thanks for reading.

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