Droz's picks for Judgment Day

Droz's picks for Judgment Day

Wow, I hate to say it but I think I only had half of my picks right at Backlash. Oh well, what are you going to do. I'm pretty sure I have Judgment Day nailed down, so let's get to the picks and see how we end up.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton (Steel Cage Match)

At Backlash, I said Triple H would probably win the title sometime soon, I just didn't think it would be on that day. Now he's the champ and Orton wants to take that title back from him and start a nice long title reign again. I don't see it happening! This steel cage is surely going to put each man to the test. Although Triple H will be bloodied and battered, he will leave as the reigning WWE Champion.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison vs. ECW Champion Kane & Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk

The Miz & John Morrison had big singles wins against CM Punk and Kane, but I don't know how much good that's going to do them when they join forces to attempt to take down the Tag Team Champions. I'd love to see Kane and Punk hold tag team gold, but I just don't think it's their time. Besides, CM Punk has the Money in the Bank briefcase and Kane has the ECW Championship. These two things may affect their game just a little bit, and may keep them from winning.

Undertaker vs. Edge (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Well, this really sucks -- Taker having his World Title stripped after he defended it at Backlash is something I really didn't see happening. At least now he has a chance to win it back. His only problem being Edge and his little group of cronies that pop up at all the wrong times. I have to go with Edge on this one, even though The Deadman is still at the top of his game. Edge will leave as World Champion. 

Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Melina (Triple Threat Match)

Lets just say Mickie James has been a great champion and although Phoenix and Melina are quite a challenge, I see Mickie holding on to her gold.

JBL vs. John Cena

Anytime you end up in the ring with JBL, it could be your last time competing. I vaguely remember a few times wrestling JBL and not quite remembering what had taken place inside the ring. I'm glad to see Cena back in the ring for now, and I know that he can handle anything Layfield throws at him. It will be great to see Cena come out on top in this match, but I'm not sure if that's going to be in the cards on this day. JBL, with his vicious clothesline, is going to dampen the day for John Cena.

Chris Jericho vs HBK

HBK has been on a winning streak the last couple of PPV's, and I think Y2J is just the man to put a halt to that. These two are surely going to tear it up inside the squared circle and this is the match I am looking forward to the most. With both Superstars being savvy ring veterans, I think Jericho has the "leg up" on Michaels in this one. I don't see HBK's leg hindering him too much, but when you are facing Jericho, any little problem can be your downfall. Jericho wins this one!

Well there you have it people. If you have any thoughts or ideas on Judgment Day, send me an email at Droz2cents@aol.com.

I've been getting out a lot, seeing my nieces and nephews playing baseball and soccer, and it's keeping me quite busy to say the least. Today, I went to see Ironman and it is a total kick-ass movie, if you get a chance check it out. I went fishing one day and the wind was blowing about 20 miles per hour and it was really cold. Hopefully this weekend it won't rain AGAIN so I can get out there and try to catch a nice fat striper.

Anyways, if you can please keep our troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers, it will be greatly appreciated. Also, please keep those people who are dealing with hard times in your thoughts and prayers as well.

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