McMahon will leave Judgment Day ECW World Champion

McMahon will leave Judgment Day ECW World Champion

Quoth the Chairman: "The only promise that means anything around here is mine."

In an interview with yesterday, Lashley promised…nay, he guaranteed that he would defeat Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga at Judgment Day.

But will he? Or, perhaps more fittingly, CAN he? After all, this is the same man who just weeks ago at Backlash lost to the same three men he will be facing at Judgment Day. That result alone, combined with the fact that 3-on-1 odds almost ALWAYS favor the team, would be enough to make most believe Bobby Lashley doesn't stand a chance.

As if that weren't bad enough, look at what has happened since Backlash. Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga have decimated and demoralized Lashley at every turn, throwing multiple obstacles in his path and leaving the former ECW Champion down time and time again. Perhaps the most crushing blow came this past Monday on Raw, when Lashley was left in a heap in the parking lot courtesy of WWE's Chairman.

Put yourself in Lashley's shoes. There you are, with an order that says you can't touch any member of the McMahon/Umaga triad unless physically provoked or else you will lose your rematch. Then Monday on Raw, Shane McMahon and Umaga jumped Lashley, breaking the no-touch rule. Lashley made quick work of the Samoan Bulldozer, while Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon ran for the hills. Lashley followed in hot pursuit, only to be blindsided by Mr. McMahon and the ECW Championship to the head. 

Lashley took out his frustrations on Tuesday night live on ECW when he took out all three of his opponents in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match against the New Breed. Lashley was victorious against the odds on ECW, but will his anger, frustration, and determination lead him to the victory he promises on Sunday night? Mr. McMahon gave his own synopsis of the situation.

"I think that it's obvious that Lashley has been humiliated time and time again, and it's obvious that he's taken too many head shots," Mr. McMahon rebutted. "No one in the world can ever guarantee victory. He's never met a creative force quite like this, and if he's done his homework in terms of history, he'll know that there's no one else who can think like I think. Mr. Lashley may guarantee victory, but that's just wishful thinking. If Bobby Lashley is making promises, I'll make one myself: I will leave Judgment Day as the reigning ECW World Champion."

And who is anybody to doubt that last statement? Once again, the odds are in his favor, and when Mr. McMahon is involved, they may be almost insurmountable for Lashley. Plus, if Lashley hasn't seen everything that the McMahons & Umaga have up their sleeve, just what the hell is he in for?

"I think he will see things he's never seen before, and there's no way he can be prepared for it," the Chairman crowed. "Make no mistake, Bobby Lashley is an extraordinary athlete and quite frankly has seemed to rise to the occasion in every respect, including at WrestleMania. But, Bobby Lashley has yet to feel the wrath of the McMahon family and Umaga."

So is it safe to say that Mr. McMahon's entrance theme rings true, and that Lashley has "No Chance in Hell" on Sunday?

"I wouldn't say that, because he does have a chance; like I said, no one can ever 100 percent guarantee victory," Mr. McMahon admitted. "But in the end, the only promise that means anything around here is mine, and I will leave Judgment Day as the ECW World Champion."

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