Lashley promises victory at Judgment Day

Lashley promises victory at Judgment Day

Bobby Lashley was demoralized when he suffered the most embarrassing defeat of any ECW World Champion in history when he lost the title to Mr. McMahon at Backlash. Since that time, Lashley has been repeatedly humiliated and taunted by the Chairman, his son Shane and Umaga and has had to watch the devious billionaire strut around with his title. But somehow, Bobby Lashley remains determined and promises our fans one thing this Sunday at Judgment Day: He will regain the ECW World Title.

"Right now I have a mission, and that is to get that title back," Lashley said. "There are millions of people all over the world that want that title out of Mr. McMahon's hands. Millions of people -- ECW fans, ECW Originals, sports-entertainment fans in general -- do not want him to have that title. But no one wants that title more than I do. I will win this Sunday at Backlash and regain the ECW World Title."

But how can Lashley make such a bold statement? His showdown with the McMahons and Umaga at Judgment Day will be in a 3-on-1 Match, just like Backlash. Lashley faced insurmountable odds -- and failed -- the first time, so what will make the rematch any different? And Mr. McMahon says Lashley will receive his final judgment at Judgment Day.

"I will never forgive or forget what you did to me at WrestleMania, Bobby Lashley," the Chairman said. "I was shaved bald. You think I like wearing things on my head? I bet you enjoy that, huh, Bobby Lashley, seeing me wear things on my head. But I enjoyed seeing what I did to you last night on Raw. And I will enjoy seeing what happens to you this Sunday when you face me, your judge, Shane your jury and Umaga your executioner. When all is said and done this Sunday, there will be one ECW World Champion, and his name is Mr. McMahon."

Lashley was on top of the world when he defeated Umaga and helped Donald Trump shave Mr. McMahon bald in the Battle of the Billionaires at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania -- his own creation. But since then, the Chairman has followed through on his promise to make Lashley's life a living hell. With Shane and Umaga doing all the work at Backlash, he took the ECW World Title away from Lashley. For weeks, he imposed a no-touch clause where Lashley wasn't allowed to touch him, Shane and the Samoan Bulldozer or he would lose his title rematch opportunity. The trio ultimately broke the clause, and the Chairman left Lashley laying in a heap this past Monday on Raw.

However, Lashley rebounded the following night on ECW on Sci Fi when he steamrolled the New Breed in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match. He seemed more focused than ever, saying that when he looked across the ring at the New Breed, he only saw the Chairman, Shane McMahon and Umaga. Will Lashley repeat this performance at Judgment Day and leave with the ECW World Title? He is determined to exorcise the nightmare he has lived since Backlash.

"There's only so far you can push a man," Lashley said. "I've gotten to the point where they have thrown everything they can at me, and I will persevere. The only way to survive is to get back up.  I am a champion, and Mr. McMahon has something that belongs to me and that is the ECW World Title."

Besides his personal vengeance, Lashley also wants to defeat the McMahons and Umaga to avenge our fans. Even though he was triple-teamed in his Handicap Match at Backlash, Lashley's loss of the ECW World Title to Mr. McMahon was a crushing defeat for him and the darkest day in ECW's history. The sight of the Chairman as ECW World Champion was a disgrace to the Originals; they believed he was trashing their legacy.

Lashley's confidantes say he believes he let himself, our fans and all of ECW down. That all weighs heavily on him as he prepares for Judgment Day. But the former Army sergeant promises he won't let anyone down.

"I will be Mr. McMahon, Shane and Umaga's judge, jury and executioner at Judgment Day," Lashley said. "In the end, ECW and the fans will once again have a champion they can be proud of."

Mr. McMahon is never one to let anyone have the final word. He had a rebuttal for Lashley after reading this story on Find out what the Chairman said by clicking HERE.

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