Goliath vs. Goliath

This weekend at Judgment Day, Undertaker will quite literally face one of the biggest challenges of his career- The Great Khali. But after the recent destruction at the hands of the 7-foot newcomer on SmackDown, many question if the Deadman is getting in over his head.

After an extended absence due to a Tombstone from the Deadman at Saturday Night's Main Event, Daivari returned with The Great Khali in tow. Khali battered the Deadman, laying him out with a series of headbutts and a monstrous tomahawk chop to the head.

After Khali's attack, the Phenom was noticeably absent from SmackDown. Daivari said that Undertaker was missing because he was scared of Khali, and even said he had broken Undertaker's spirit. All the while, the gargantuan newcomer was destroying anyone that got in his path, including World Champion Rey Mysterio.
So will Undertaker be the first to defeat the 7-foot tall, 400-pound plus newcomer, or will Khali destroy the Deadman once and for all?

Even though the Phenom hasn't been seen in recent weeks, if history is any indication, you would have to assume that the Deadman will answer the bell Sunday. In fact, Undertaker has been down before and returned to topple such legendary giants as Yokozuna and Kane.

But Khali is known as the one who has stared into the abyss and the Earth trembled at his gaze. What will happen when Undertaker faces his assailant in the ring this Sunday, will he too tremble? Or will the Deadman put Khali to rest for good? Make sure to watch Judgment Day to witness this historic encounter.

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