A confident main event

Since winning the title at WrestleMania 22, Rey Mysterio has been widely recognized as the biggest underdog World Champion of all time. Tonight, however, after weeks of calculated abuse thanks to JBL, the term underdog may actually be an understatement. But Mysterio sees things a bit differently.

"Right now, I'm focused and motivated to go out there and do my very best," Rey said in an interview conducted in the locker room area with WWE.com. "When the time comes and the bell rings, I will definitely have the spirit and the strength to whoop JBL's ass."

The confident champion's comments come just two days after another monstrous attack on him, this time at the hands of Kane. So does the champ feel any ill effects from the latest attack on him?

"I feel pretty beat up," admitted Rey. "I thought my nose was broken. Thank God it's not. But it's pretty bruised and sore. I look at it as one of those things that pushes me to be even stronger heading into the match. Plus, there's going to be a big Hispanic crowd behind me here tonight. The only thing I can think about right now is walking out as World Champion."

An equally confident challenger, JBL, sees things a bit differently. In fact, the self-proclaimed Wrestling God compares tonight's match with Mysterio to several of his own past triumphs.

"I guaranteed victory against Eddie Guerrero. I guaranteed victory against Chris Benoit. And I guaranteed victory against Undertaker. And I beat them all," boasted the challenger. "Tonight's going to be no different. I will mop the floor with Rey Mysterio. I will take him apart and I will walk out of Judgment Day as the World Champion."

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