Redemption comes for someone at Judgment Day

Tonight at Judgment Day, Kurt Angle will be looking for revenge when he takes on Mark Henry. These two men first met in 1996, when both were members of the U.S. Olympic team; while they have been enemies since the day Angle returned to SmackDown in January, it was just three weeks ago that Henry made it personal.

On the April 28 SmackDown, Henry interrupted a match between Angle and Rey Mysterio. Costing Angle his opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship that night wasn't enough, as the World's Strongest Man brutalized the Wrestling Machine and put him out of action. Henry placed Angle on a table on the floor, and after climbing the apron, the World's Strongest Man picked up a head of steam and launched himself into the air, crashing down onto Angle with a massive splash. The move left Angle with cracked ribs, forcing him to withdraw from the King of the Ring tournament and putting him out of action for almost a month.

Angle returned just two weeks later and demanded a match with Henry; General Manager Theodore Long obliged, giving it to him at Judgment Day. Even with the knowledge that Angle is looking for revenge, Henry isn't concerned. "The only thing I concern myself with is my state of mind," he said in a phone interview with "Kurt Angle is in a position where he feels he can look down on people, but I will have him looking up at me for a change."

It's undeniable that Henry has been hot lately. He has taken out both Kurt Angle and Batista, and pinned World Champion Rey Mysterio recently as well. The World's Strongest Man is quite confident that his roll will continue. "Do you think I can be stopped?" he asked me demandingly. "I don't think there's anybody that's able to step in there man to man with me. I am more man than anybody."

So what does he have in store for Angle this Sunday? "Have you ever seen somebody shake out a rug? Well, I'm going to grab him by his feet and shake him like a rug," Henry beamed. "Being an Olympic Gold Medalist, Angle's one of the few people I see on my level; but after the way he stepped to me, he will get the beating of his life."

Friday night, the Wrestling Machine addressed Henry on SmackDown; while he's aware of what the World's Strongest Man can do, Angle is confident that he will come out on top. "You failed to end my career when you attacked me, just like you will fail at Judgment Day," Angle said. "You are the World's Strongest Man, but come this Sunday, you will find out that I am the World's Greatest Wrestler."

As Angle also said Friday night on SmackDown, he won a gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games while Henry did not medal at all. Nearly a decade later, will the Wrestling Machine once again outshine the World's Strongest Man, or will Judgment Day be Henry's day of redemption?

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