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Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker in a No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship

After aligning himself with Mr. McMahon and Triple H following WrestleMania X-Seven, Stone Cold Steve Austin found himself in a heated rivalry with a re-united Undertaker & Kane. Stone Cold & Triple H defeated Kane & Undertaker for the World Tag Team Championship at Backlash, and the following month, double-champion Austin defended his WWE Championship against Undertaker in the main event of Judgment Day.

The two men brawled outside the ring in the early part of the match. Once inside the ring, Austin took control by working the Deadman's knee. He then tried a Stone Cold Stunner, but the Deadman escaped and nailed a big boot for a near fall.

After more brawling on the floor, Undertaker put Austin through the announcers' table, to which Austin responded by hitting him with a monitor. Once back inside the ring, the two men slugged it out and Austin hit a Thesz Press on Undertaker. After pounding the Deadman down, Austin nailed him with a chair and hit the Stone Cold Stunner, but Undertaker kicked out of the pinfall at two.

The Deadman then caught his second wind, hitting a chokeslam and assaulting Austin with a chair. Triple H then made his way to the ring, which distracted the Deadman. Austin went to nail him with a chair, but accidentally hit Mr. McMahon. Undertaker then fought off Austin & Triple H and went for the Last Ride, but Triple H nailed the Deadman with his sledgehammer. Austin then covered Undertaker to get the pinfall and retain the championship.

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