'Hell' favors Del Rio

'Hell' favors Del Rio

With a seemingly unending supply of guts and determination, 10-time WWE Champion John Cena has overcome insurmountable odds time and time again. CM Punk has shown that one man can ignite a squared circle revolution. But beyond the hype, in the darkest reaches of Hell – a place of extreme pain and misery – the odds might just favor Alberto Del Rio this Sunday.

Live on pay-per-view at WWE Hell in a Cell, Del Rio will step into the first-ever Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match against Cena and Punk. Amidst the career-altering metal madness for the first time, one should never mistake the elitist grin of the aristocratic Superstar for weakness. Del Rio could very well leave New Orleans a two-time WWE Champion.

embedcolon25030523Del Rio’s arguable advantage this Sunday goes far beyond his smug belief in destiny. Though pitted against formidable foes who are top-notch warriors, neither enemy wields the level of sheer cunning mastered by the Mexican grappler. Del Rio utilized this critical characteristic to cash in Money in the Bank on Punk at SummerSlam, capturing his first WWE Championship – in spite of the main event confrontation endured moments earlier by Punk and Cena, no less. (PHOTOS)

His tactics may be questionable, but there is no doubt Del Rio instinctively knows the exact moment to strike in order to come out on top of the game. One can only imagine the possibilities for such a crafty character inside the devilish world of Hell in a Cell. embedcolon25032734

Even before the haunting walls of doom are lowered to the floor in New Orleans this Sunday, a Triple Threat Match, in itself, demands that its combatants keep both of their opponents in their sights at all times. Cena has stated more than once that he hates such contests because they throw all strategy out the window. It is here that Del Rio’s adversaries surrender a second crucial advantage to him. Especially given their not-so-distant past, The Champ and CM Punk may simply be more concerned with each other than the affluent competitor.

embedcolon25031213While the history of mutual hatred between Cena and Punk’s existed long before The Second City Saint snatched away the WWE Title at WWE Money in the Bank (PHOTOS), their distaste of Del Rio doesn’t run nearly as deep. Punk has stated that he holds no real ill will toward Del Rio for cashing his Money in the Bank contract on him at SummerSlam. In pursuit of the WWE Title he currently he holds, Cena sought to also humble the Mexican Superstar, widening his focus to include Del Rio’s cars and superficial sense of entitlement. The moment Cena loses sight of the cunning Del Rio or concentrates too heavily on Punk, the haughty competitor will be free to pursue the WWE Title without being either man’s prime target. 

Some say that Del Rio is at a disadvantage because he’s never ventured into a Hell in a Cell Match but it could, however, prove to work in his favor. Although The Champ and The “Voice of the Voiceless” have battled in the torturous, metal construction, they've also both lost in their encounters – Punk to The Undertaker (PHOTOS) and Cena to Randy Orton (PHOTOS). Perhaps, deep down, these defeats weigh heavily on Del Rio’s opponents, intimidating them and blurring their focus as well.

While his adversaries are dealing with their psychological disadvantage of past defeat, Del Rio enters the nightmarish structure with one thing on his mind: Unrelenting sadistic brutality. Don’t let the fancy suits and the luxury automobiles fool you. Del Rio doesn’t just want to win. He aims to destroy. Since coming to WWE, the Mexican Superstar has exhibited a tendency to carry his attack after the bell and beyond the confines of getting his hand raised – all representative of his ruthlessness. embedcolon25030636

This much is personified in Del Rio’s ultimate instrument of destruction, the cross armbreaker. He has used this weapon relentlessly, locking up many unfortunate victims and hurling Superstars like Rey Mysterio and Christian out of commission. He has attempted to do the same to Cena, himself, and should Del Rio get the opportunity to apply it to either foe inside Hell in Cell, there will be no one to stop him from holding it until he’s ready to let go – whenever that may be.

embedcolon25031322The daunting Hell in a Cell structure doesn’t care how many titles you’ve held, how many members of the WWE Universe cheer your name or how much money you have in the bank. It serves only as the ultimate obstacle to glory. And if John Cena and CM Punk underestimate the unscrupulous Alberto Del Rio this Sunday, it could very well serve as not just the steel sabotage of their hopes and dreams, but also destiny once again made manifest for the Mexican Superstar.

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