Cena, Punk dispute WWE.com article, Del Rio’s chances in Hell

Earlier this week, a WWE.com article ordained Alberto Del Rio as the favorite for this Sunday’s first-ever Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match, citing The Mexican Aristocrat’s sheer cunning as the reason. (FULL STORY)

Del Rio’s two opponents, WWE Champion John Cena and former champion CM Punk, beg to differ.

“I think you reporters are quite ill-informed. I’m actually quite cunning, and so is CM Punk,” retorted the reigning WWE Champ.

embedcolon25036162Expanding on the Hell in a Cell comments that he made in a WWE.com exclusive video, The Second City Saint emphatically shot down the notion as well – questioning whether WWE.com has actually been watching WWE programming. “[Del Rio’s] not the most cunning of the three of us, and he sure doesn’t have the advantage,” he said.

Both Superstars were quick to point out Del Rio’s lack of experience inside Satan’s Structure, whereas each Cena and Punk have each experienced firsthand the caustic chaos that is Hell in a Cell. Then again, they also lost their first forays into Hell against Randy Orton and The Undertaker, respectively. And despite Del Rio's brutal actions this past Monday on the Raw SuperShow (PHOTOS), Punk wouldn’t waver in his observation. 

“He’s never been in the Cell,” he repeated, “and he’s not going to have his announcer, Ricardo [Rodriguez],  in there with him.” embedcolon25036163

Interestingly, neither Punk nor Cena stated that either of them held the advantage over the other going into Sunday’s showdown. The only thing Cena would admit was to feeling at a disadvantage entering The Devil’s Playground as the reigning WWE Champion.

“There are a lot of positives about being a challenger, but not many positives about being the champion any time you’re in in a Triple Threat Match,” Cena observed. “The fact that this Sunday will be the first-ever Triple Threat Match inside Hell in a Cell certainly adds to the uncertainty awaiting us in the ring. The truth is, no one knows how this kind of match will play out within the restricting walls of the Cell; it eliminates any possibility of determining a favorite for Sunday night.”

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