Who the Hell would break into "Hell"?

Who the Hell would break into "Hell"?

Even with a 5-ton, 20-foot-high, sadistic steel structure surrounding the main events at WWE Hell in a Cell, there's no telling what outside forces might bust in on the action. WWE.com showcases those moments Superstars penetrated the Devil's Playground in order to influence the madness within.

Breaking and entering 'Hell'
Who could forget the infamous moment at In Your House: Badd Blood 1997, when Kane debuted in WWE? After turning out the lights on The Undertaker’s showdown with Shawn Michaels in the first-ever Hell in a Cell, The Big Red Monster literally ripped the door off the Cell, delivering a Tombstone piledriver to his horrific half-brother that allowed HBK to “steel” the victory.


Camera captures a hellish 'Demon'
Sometimes the best way to break into Hell in a Cell is simply to be inside at the start of the match, especially if no one else knows you’re there. When The Undertaker treated World Heavyweight Champion Batista to a Tombstone onto the steel ring steps at Survivor Series 2007, his next World Heavyweight Title reign seemed imminent. That is, until Edge – disguised as a cameraman – disrupted the referee’s count and leveled The Demon of Death Valley with the camera.

Falling into 'Hell'
In case the WWE Universe assumes that the top of the Cell is indestructible, just check with Mick Foley. The WWE Universe can never forget the two sickening falls his alter ego, Mankind, took at the hands of The Undertaker during King of the Ring 1998. But then another one of his other personas, Cactus Jack, suffered a sickeningly similar fate at No Way Out 2000, when he broke into his own Hell in a Cell Match against Triple H – or rather, crashed into it. After the carnage inside the cage spread to the top of the structure, The Game countered Foley’s piledriver with a back body drop that sent Cactus crashing through the roof and back down into the ring. So for any that might be looking to break in this Sunday, the top of Hell in a Cell is not entirely stable.

Rising from the darkness
Of course, one doesn’t have to enter the Cell directly to affect the action. Moments after The Undertaker defeated Big Boss Man in their Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XV, The Brood – made up of Edge, Christian and Gangrel – suddenly dropped in on the WWE Universe, taking strategic positions on top of the Devil’s Playground. Breaking open the roof enough, they passed a rope through to The Phenom and secured the line to the Cell itself. This allowed The Undertaker to literally “raise the fallen,” when Paul Bearer pressed a button and the structure lifted off the ground with Big Boss Man in tow.

embedcolon25036517Beware of bolt cutters in the Playground
At Hell in a Cell 2009, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase locked Triple H out in the DX vs. Legacy Tag Team Hell in a Cell Match before it even began. This left The Game's partner, HBK, to suffer an absolutely brutal double assault at the hands of the second-generation Superstars. However, Triple H would not be left out in the cold for long. With the help of bolt cutters, the future WWE COO made short work of the steel chains that secured the door, then stormed into the ring to even the odds.

The evil below?
Even when the walls and roof of the structure are covered, the match is hardly safeguarded from outside interference. At SummerSlam 2008, after overcoming Edge with the Tombstone, The Deadman chokeslammed his “Rated-R” adversary off a ladder and through the ring canvas. Although the force of The Deadman certainly had a lot to do with it, it did raise the question: If a Superstar can be put through the canvas, what’s to stop another Superstar from breaking into Hell in a Cell the same way?

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