Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

The most brutal night on the WWE calendar is almost here. The eyes of the WWE Universe are sure to be locked on Dallas as the ominous Hell in a Cell touches ground at the AmericanAirlines Arena.

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Fans are itching to see John Cena battle Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose finally get his hands on Seth Rollins inside the Cell, but there’s plenty more to be excited about at Hell in a Cell 2014. Click through and check out WWE.com’s predictions for the action-packed card, then leave yours in the comments below!

Big Show vs. Rusev

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: As patriotic and proud to be an American as I am, I am stating for the record that Big Show is going to suffer the same fate as his fellow 400-pounder, Mark Henry, for the same reasons. Big Show’s experience advantage is actually a disadvantage in a slugfest like this because of the litany of injuries that come with almost two decades in the ring and traveling the world. Even worse for WWE’s resident giant: The bigger the body, the bigger the long-term effects the injuries have. Rusev was only emboldened by his convincing victories over The World’s Strongest Man, and in his mind, it is a foregone conclusion that Big Show will be the next to succumb to his agonizing Accolade. WINNER: Rusev

@HowardFinkel: I’ve never seen Big Show as motivated as he is for this match. He is hell-bent on wreaking havoc on Rusev, with the incident of this past Monday night heavy on his mind. However, I have continued to be impressed with the in-ring abilities of Rusev, and feel that he will withstand the direct and determined challenge of The World’s Largest Athlete. WINNER:Rusev

Anthony Benigno: Ask yourself this: Would George Washington allow himself to be chopped down and tapped out in the Accolade? Would Abraham Lincoln eat one of those Muay Thai kicks to the mush and not knock his aggressor four score and seven years into yesterday? Would Ronald Reagan let a Russian, of all people, defeat him in a battle for national supremacy? No, no, and goodness gracious, no. Big Show will knock Rusev out and pin him. America demands it.WINNER: Big Show

Jeff Laboon: As Big Show and Mark Henry — two of the largest Superstars in history — circled Rusev on the Oct. 13 Raw, The Super Athlete didn’t back down; he actually invited the challenge. Quite simply, Rusev is ready for an epic showdown. Big Show will pose a giant test for The Hero of the Russian Federation, but Rusev is ready for it. WINNER: Rusev

Bobby Melok: While Big Show can rally the WWE Universe with patriotic speeches ahead of Hell in a Cell, once the bell rings, words are wind. Rusev has proven himself not with words, but with dominance in the ring. The Super Athlete is afraid of no man, giant or otherwise, and he will conquer Big Show. WINNER: Rusev

Rusev: 4, Big Show: 1

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella (Loser must become the winner’s personal assistant)

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: I think Brie will finally realize retribution against her backstabbing sister Nikki. After repeated pleas to reconcile fell on deaf ears, Mrs. Daniel Bryan has finally come to face the fact that sometimes the most effective family therapy is a knee to the mouth! Choosing Stephanie McMahon over the sibling she shared a womb with will finally catch up with Nikki on Sunday. Starting next Monday, I expect to see Nikki Bella being made to do such lowly tasks as mopping floors and cleaning toilets. You know, the everyday tasks that we regular folks do for ourselves now. WINNER: Brie Bella

@HowardFinkel: There have been a number of sibling rivalries through the years, but none have been quite as unique as the rivalry between Brie and Nikki Bella. This Sunday, I see both Bellas bound and determined to walk out of their match with potentially the most demeaning reward for their efforts: The losing Bella becomes the winning Bella’s personal assistant! What happens? I believe that Nikki scores a quick win over her sister. WINNER:Nikki Bella

Anthony Benigno: Fans of the Divas division have likely been waiting for this match for a long,loooongtime. And with the WWE Universe in her corner and some unlikely wins under her belt, Brie Bella has all the momentum despite some incredibly impressive displays from Nikki over the last few months. That said, with dignity itself riding on the match, look for Nikki to pull through and pin her sister. Nobody puts Nikki in a corner. WINNER: Nikki Bella

Jeff Laboon: It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a year for The Bellas. Brie has excelled at every challenge Nikki has sent her way thus far, but does she have what it takes to fight her twin? Nikki does. It seems like the fearless Nikki has been thinking about shutting down “Brie Mode” for years, so she’s never been more prepared for a match. WINNER: Nikki Bella

Bobby Melok: While Brie Bella is confident that she can defeat her twin sister, Nikki has an ace up her sleeve. The Authority has been set on making Brie and husband Daniel Bryan’s lives hell this year. Don’t think they won’t take the opportunity to embarrass Brie one more time at Hell in a Cell. WINNER:Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella: 4, Brie Bella: 1

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: I have the utmost respect for Paige. I was familiar with her family history long before the former Divas Champion made her NXT debut. Paige holding the NXT Women’s Championship and WWE Divas Championship simultaneously didn’t surprise me at all. All of that being said, AJ is in a class by herself. The former homeless little girl from New Jersey is living her dream and for good reason. She’s both talented and tough enough to have gone move for move with the greatest female grapplers the ring has ever seen, including Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, Sensational Sherri, Madusa, Trish Stratus and Lita. WINNER: AJ Lee

@HowardFinkel: For me, this match is an easy one to pick. The Divas Championship has been like a hot potato. Since their rivalry began on April 7, this title has changed hands between these two four times. The potato stays hot, as I believe Paige will become a three-time Divas Champion by dethroning Ms. Lee. WINNER:Paige

Anthony Benigno: This is fast becoming the Lita-Trish of the new generation, and that’s kind of awesome. Paige and AJ’s latest tussle over the Divas Championship extends their rivalry into its sixth month, and it doesn’t hurt Paige that she’s got her best friend (and fellow, newly named “Total Diva”) Alicia Fox in her corner to help her get the coveted title back. Unfortunately, even as Paige further resorts to left-field behavior in her attempt to defeat AJ, the champion has (to borrow another phrase) been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. If Paige beats AJ it’ll be on skill and not mind games, but The Diva of Tomorrow seems firmly set on a cerebral game instead. Good luck with that. WINNER: AJ Lee

Jeff Laboon: AJ Lee doesn’t have many friends in the Divas division, but she has the Divas Championship and that’s what matters most to her. Paige’s budding friendship with Alicia Fox adds a new wrinkle to this rivalry, but AJ is used to overcoming odds. Paige and AJ have competed in some of the best matches of the year, and this should be another thrilling chapter in their series. WINNER:AJ Lee

Bobby Melok: While most would consider AJ Lee’s search for a new friend unsuccessful, it’s only proven that she’s more than capable of handling things by herself. Though Alicia Fox is sure to try to help her new BFF recapture the Divas Championship, expect AJ to foil their plans and retain. WINNER:AJ Lee

AJ Lee: 4, Paige: 1

WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust vs. The Usos

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Recently, The Usos have repeatedly gotten the better of the cosmic duo in Six-Man Tag Team matches. So what? The only win over the bizarre brothers that will be remembered is that which results in Rikishi’s twin sons winning back the tandem titles. Unfortunately Usos, that historic win will not be coming this Sunday. Gold & Stardust take on different personalities when they apply their face paint, or at least they have convinced the rest of us they do. When it matters most, “Dust to Dust” (my name for them) will always come up golden. (See what I did there?) WINNERS: Gold & Stardust

@HowardFinkel: This has all the makings of a great match. I feel that the longer Gold & Stardust hold their championships, the more difficult it will be to knock the bizarre duo off their collective pedestal. The Usos would love nothing better than to regain the titles, yet this Sunday I believe that they’ll fall just short of the mark, and the champions will retain. WINNERS:Gold & Stardust

Anthony Benigno: Oooh, yeah: Space is the place, time and space swirling around and around, the constellations align … ahem. Sorry. Point is, Gold & Stardust have that “cosmic key” they’ve been crowing about, and a surprisingly unfortunate record since winning the titles isn’t going to mean squat when they go to the mat against The Usos to defend them. Jimmy & Jey are not to be counted out so easily, mind you, but I say the cosmic brothers stay the course and keep their crown jewel intact. And the beat goes on. WINNERS: Gold & Stardust

Jeff Laboon: Jimmy & Jey Uso fulfilled their lifelong dream in March when they kicked off a six-month reign as WWE Tag Team Champions. Gold & Stardust turned the dream into a nightmare at Night of Champions, though, ending the reign with a roll-up. But The UsosneededGold & Stardust to bring out a rougher edge in them. They’ll do everything to leave with the titles back around their waists. WINNERS:The Usos

Bobby Melok: The Usos have had the champions’ number in recent Six-Man Tag Team action, but when the WWE Tag Team Titles have been on the line, Gold & Stardust have shown they’re willing to do anything to keep hold of the “cosmic key,” even taking a disqualification loss. It’s science fact — Gold & Stardust retain this Sunday. WINNERS:Gold & Stardust

Gold & Stardust: 4, The Usos: 1

United States Champion Sheamus vs. The Miz

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: I don’t see The Miz making his next red carpet appearance with the United States Title accessorizing his Moods of Norway suit and Christian Louboutin shoes. Jocularity aside, Sheamus is just too big and too strong for Miz to defeat, or even cheat out of the stars-and-stripes championship. To make matters worse, every night members of the WWE Universe have been making their growing affection for the must-see Superstar’s “stunt double” Damien Mizdow vocal. Who knows, we could see Sheamus about to be defeated, when Mizdow decides to take center stage and cost Miz the match. It’s only a matter of time before the intelligent Mizdow makes the smart move. WINNER: Sheamus

@HowardFinkel: I certainly have a lot of respect for both champion and challenger. However, I feel that the wildcard will be Damien Mizdow. Being the Miz’s stunt double, his presence at ringside just might tip the scales of injustice toward the challenger. My feeling is that The Miz will become U.S. Champion for the third time! WINNER:The Miz

Anthony Benigno: First thing’s first: This isn’t a fair fight. If it was just Sheamus one-on-one against WWE’s resident crossover icon, I’d say the Irishman has the edge. But the U.S. Champion won’t just be facing Miz, he’ll have rising sensation Damien Mizdow to contend with as well. The mere presence of the beloved stunt double may swing the Dallas faithful in favor of The Miz himself, and while Sheamus doesn’t necessarily need to be cheered to defend a title successfully, the two-on-one odds might be too much for him to overcome this time around. WINNER: The Miz

Jeff Laboon: The Miz continues to find creative ways to avoid the Brogue Kick every week, but his luck is no match for the luck of the Irish — and Sheamus’ tight grip on the United States Championship. The Celtic Warrior has turned away every challenger he’s faced in the last six months. Miz may be a star, but Sheamus will continue to be a champion. WINNER: Sheamus

Bobby Melok: The Awesome One has been expertly avoiding Sheamus in recent weeks, sticking his stunt double in the path of The Celtic Warrior. While everyone has been focused on Damien Mizdow’s antics, The Miz has to have been formulating a plan. Don’t be surprised if Mizdow makes sure that The Miz walks out as champion. WINNER:The Miz

The Miz: 3, Sheamus: 2

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match)

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: The Lunatic Fringe of The Shield, Dean Ambrose couldn’t be any more comfortable inside a cell unless it was padded and located in the basement of an institution. The Architect of The Shield will see his future plans torn to shreds. With Randy Orton, Kane, Triple H and cronies Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble unable to get into the covered colossal cage, Ambrose will beat Rollins senseless before finally pinning him, just to add injury to insult. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

@HowardFinkel: Finally, Rollins has nowhere to run or hide. Advantage: Ambrose. The Cell is an unforgiving structure. Advantage: Ambrose. The unpredictability of Ambrose is custom-made for the Cell. Advantage: Ambrose. I am not selling Seth Rollins short by any means, as I believe that he’ll be on his “A” game. But Dean Ambrose will get the better grade at an A+, and emerge victorious. WINNER:Dean Ambrose

Anthony Benigno: They call Hell in a Cell the place where rivalries are settled forever, but even this 20-foot tall, five-ton prison might not be sufficient enough to settle Dean Ambrose’s beef with Seth Rollins. Mr. Money in the Bank currently leads The Lunatic Fringe in victories. However, assuming he’s walking into a winnable situation inside the Cell might be overly bold of the former Architect. As a veteran of the death-match scene, Ambrose has more or less prepared his whole life for this kind of fight, against an opponent he hated just the right amount. Well guess what, buddy? To borrow a phrase from another Cell competitor, your time is now. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Jeff Laboon: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have been playing the best game of cat-and-mouse lately, and even though the cat has the mouse trapped inside Hell in a Cell, the mouse has some tricks up his sleeve. Yes, Rollins doesn’t wear sleeves, but Mr. Money in the Bank is clever enough to eke out a victory against his unstable opponent — with sleeves or without. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Bobby Melok: While Dean Ambrose’s instability seems to be a perfect fit for Hell in a Cell, it may end up costing The Lunatic Fringe. Ambrose is sure to throw caution to the wind, but Seth Rollins isn’t stepping inside the ominous Cell without a plan. That scheming will end up being what propels Mr. Money in the Bank past his loose-cannon rival. WINNER:Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose: 3, Seth Rollins: 2

John Cena vs. Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell Match)

Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Aside from winning the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan when special guest referee Triple H double crossed the “Yes!” Man 14 months ago, Randy Orton’s association with The Authority has left him a caged predator. The third-generation Superstar has wasted far too much time playing backup to Seth Rollins, which has seemingly sapped the venom from The Viper’s fangs. Conversely, John Cena’s rebound from one of the worst beatings in WWE history at the massive hands of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has made him more determined than ever to AA anyone and everyone in his path. WINNER: John Cena

@HowardFinkel: I expect nothing short of an epic confrontation between two of WWE’s most stalwart competitors. With the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow being a future WWE World Championship Match against Brock Lesnar, both men have everything to gain ... and everything to lose! I’m going with Orton to withstand Cena’s onslaught and the rigors of competing in the Cell to achieve victory. WINNER:Randy Orton

Anthony Benigno: There’s a reason this rivalry is classic. These two have been Nos. 1 and 1A in WWE, in some order, ever since they came onto the scene 12 years ago, and with a chance at the WWE World Heavyweight Title on the line, it’s the biggest Cena-Orton collision since … well, the last time they did battle at the Royal Rumble. Trapping them inside Hell in a Cell adds a dangerous new dimension to the contest, one that I’d argue favors Orton above the 15-time World Champion. Bold prediction here (sorry, Raw Pre-Show dudes): Orton conquers his longtime enemy again and goes on to face The Conqueror in aveerrryyinteresting match that will test where The Authority’s loyalties truly lie. WINNER: Randy Orton

Jeff Laboon: No one knows John Cena’s arsenal better than Randy Orton. The longtime rivals have battled from San Diego to Sydney, but The Viper stood tall after the last two times they met one-on-one on pay-per-view — WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2013 and Royal Rumble 2014. Oh, and Orton defeated Cena inside Hell in a Cell once before. WINNER: Randy Orton

Bobby Melok: While Randy Orton may be the more experienced competitor inside Hell in a Cell, John Cena is fighting for something greater — the chance to reclaim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Brock Lesnar. When Cena has his sights set on something, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him. WINNER:John Cena

Randy Orton: 3, John Cena: 2

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