Controversial WWE referee Brad Maddox to be questioned at WWE Headquarters

Controversial WWE referee Brad Maddox to be questioned at WWE Headquarters

Brad Maddox scandal examined: WWE Main Event, October 31, 2012

Michael Cole and JBL recount the situation with referee Brad Maddox at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Brad Maddox has a lot of explaining to do, and it looks like he'll have to start doing it very soon.

The rogue WWE referee who went into hiding after attacking Ryback with a shocking low blow at WWE Hell in a Cell has been summoned to WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Conn., to be questioned by a Board of Inquiry Thursday morning.

As first reported by WWE's Breaking News mobile alert service, Maddox was suspended for his controversial actions, which arguably cost Ryback a victory over WWE Champion CM Punk inside Hell in a Cell ( RECAP | PHOTOS). But will there be additional, more severe punishment on the way for Maddox? Could the rookie official implicate that another party was involved in his choice to inject himself physically into the pay-per-view main event?

Maddox's assault on the previously undefeated Ryback prompted the hulking Superstar to unleash his rage on the referee, and later Punk as well, with a Shell Shocked on top of the Hell in a Cell structure. For his part, the WWE Champion has flat-out denied any culpability, proclaiming to the WWE Universe on Monday night's Raw that he didn't have anything to do with Maddox's actions.

The WWE Board of Inquiry assigned to this case will have its hands full as they try to uncover what drove Maddox to such a jaw-dropping decision. Even though Maddox has already been suspended, WWE fans continue to clamor for answers while Ryback prepares to clash with Punk once again in a traditional 5-on-5 Elimination Match at Survivor Series ( PREVIEW).

What information will be gleaned about Maddox by the Board's investigation Thursday morning? Stick with for updates throughout the week on this developing story.

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