Droz's picks for Extreme Rules

Droz's picks for Extreme Rules

WWE presents its Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View this Sunday. This event involves all kinds of wonderful (and Extreme) matches. I am sure the WWE Universe can't wait to experience Extreme Rules, because I know I am ready for the one night WWE goes Extreme. On that note, let's get to the matches.

ECW Champion Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer (Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Match) (Match preview)
Triple Threat Matches always make for an interesting scenario. Any Superstar can pin another to become champion, and sometimes those rules make it that much better for one of the opponents. Although I am glad Christian is holding the ECW Title right now, I would love to see Dreamer fulfill his quest to become ECW Champion. Of course, Dreamer is the Hardcore master. But I am sure Swagger is no slouch when it comes to this type of match, and we all know Christian has been in his fair share. I am going against the grain on this one, and finally picking Dreamer to win the ECW Title.

CM Punk vs. Umaga (Samoan Strap Match) (Match preview)
It seems simple enough to me, but when you have two Superstars with one goal in mind, you know one is going to suffer a world of pain and have his lights put out before the other is able to drag him from corner to corner of the ring. I am a big CM Punk fan, but his opponent, Umaga, just has too much to offer in this match; The Samoan Bulldozer's size and strength are his major assets. The only way I see Mr. Money in the Bank pulling this off is by "out-quicking" his opponent. But it will only take one big move from Umaga to take him down, so I will go with Umaga on this one.

John Cena vs. Big Show (Submission Match) (Match preview)
Cena and Big Show have a true hatred for each another, so this type of match seems to fit these competitors perfectly. Cena has quite a few submissions in his repertoire, but when we look at Big Show, it is not hard to understand he could probably force another Superstar to submit by grabbing his face and squeezing really hard! I hate to say it, but I actually feel Cena will be able to do enough damage to Show in order to make the giant submit.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. William Regal vs. Matt Hardy (Fatal Four Way Match) (Match preview)
It's so hard to pick a winner for Fatal Four Ways, so this is going to be a shot in the dark. I think I am up for it, though. All four competitors have very different styles, and that will make this a very exciting and brutal match. Kingston, being the champ, has to worry not only about himself, but the other competitors involved because of the four way stipulation -- anyone can be pinned, therefore becoming champion. MVP and Regal will come into this match using strong techniques and power to try to take the others out. Though I would like to see Hardy with a championship again, I am hoping that Kingston can retain in the end.

Miss WrestleMania Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella (Hog Pen Match) (Match preview)
I know many in the WWE Universe dislike these types of matches, but personally, I enjoy some comedy in my wrestling. Not that much wrestling will be going on during this match, as both Vickie and Santina will be slopping it out. I hate to say it, but I think Vickie is going to come out on top and stick Santina's face in the mud for the win.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Jeff Hardy (Ladder Match) (Match preview)
Wow! A Ladder Match between these two is always a recipe for excitement. Both Superstars have had quite a few Ladder Matches in their time, and I can only imagine what they will come up with for this event. I always get a little leery watching these two for the simple fact that I am amazed at what they are able to accomplish without killing each other. Edge has been the champion for quite some time, but the way I see it, Hardy's time is now. Somehow, some way, Hardy will fly to victory and will be crowned champion.

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho (No Holds Barred Match) (Match preview)
No Holds Barred leaves a lot open for interpretation. These two Superstars are unbelievable when it comes to ring work. I have a feeling that when they step out of the ring, it is going to get even better. Jericho has a distinct size advantage, but when anything goes, does size really matter? Mysterio may be the smaller opponent, but he has the heart of a lion, and when the bell rings, he will be the one victorious.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Batista (Steel Cage Match) (Match preview)
Locking these two in a cage is probably the best thing for all concerned inside the New Orleans Arena. I see some very serious damage being inflicted on both Superstars. I feel that what will finally be the deciding factor is not only stamina, but the will not to be broken. I am hoping to see Batista do some serious damage to Orton, and while I would love to see The Animal wearing the WWE Championship, I think Orton will find a way and do what he has to do to retain the WWE Title.

Well, WWE Universe, I hope the start of your summer is going well. On my end, it hasn't been too bad so far. I haven't really been able to do any fishing lately, but I am hoping to get out soon enough with my nephew and do some damage on the fish population! I am sure I will have a slightly full plate in the near future, with all my nieces and nephews competing in many sports. I get a kick out of watching them whenever I get a chance. There is nothing better than seeing the smiles on their faces as they go about enjoying life and sports, just like all kids should. 

If you could, please remember to keep our troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Until next time…



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