Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

Daredevils, adrenaline junkies and hardcore fans rejoice! WWE’s most dangerous event of the year, Extreme Rules, is almost upon us.

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This Sunday’s event boasts special attraction matches aplenty, ranging from John Cena and Bray Wyatt’s Steel Cage Match to the debut of the “WeeLC” Match on the WWE Network-exclusive Pre-Show. No fewer than three titles will be defended, including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match. Plus, two of WWE’s most powerful factions will collide head-on when The Shield faces Evolution in a six-man war.

But who will win, and who will lose? Check out WWE.com’s predictions for Extreme Rules, and share your own predictions in the comments section below.

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle (Pre-Show: "WeeLC" Match)

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: What we all must keep in mind is that it is no small feat to take part in the first match of any kind. Because both competitors understand that they are creating history, neither wants to come up short. As tough as this prediction is to make, I have analyzed all possible permutations and combinations of possible occurrences and determined that one man will prevail by the most miniature of margins. WINNER: El Torito

@HowardFinkelThis will be a most unique attraction, to say the least. These two flat-out don’t like each other one iota. I look forward to seeing the spotlight put on these mighty mites and the conditions that they will be put under to gain the victory. I feel that stamina and agility will be key in this match, which I believe gives El Torito has the clear advantage over Hornswoggle. WINNER: El Torito

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Ryan Murphy: The TLC Match has always favored the guy who was willing to go just a little bit further. We’ll assume the same is true of the “WeeLC” Match. If that’s the case, give this one to Hornswoggle, whose newfound association with 3MB has given him a rotten mean streak that will prove useful once tables, ladders and chairs are in play. WINNER: Hornswoggle

Bobby Melok: It’s easy to laugh at the thought of a pint-sized bull and a leprechaun-turned-rock star clashing in a miniature Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match. But the danger of the bout is no laughing matter, regardless of its scale. El Torito is incredibly daring, willing to climb the ropes and execute breathtaking leaps onto his foes. The prospect of more things to dive off of gives El Torito a marked advantage over Hornswoggle, who prefers to stay ground-based, for the most part. Look for the bull to soar to new heights during the Extreme Rules Pre-Show. WINNER: El Torito

John Clapp: We’ve caught glimpses of El Torito’s spring-loaded creativity, and we’ve witnessed Hornswoggle deal with pretty absurd punishment at the hands of everyone from JBL to Mr. Kennedy. If you’re even thinking of skipping the Pre-Show, reconsider. Given the TLC Match surroundings, I predict this one will be a sleeper, and the presence of ladders will favor El Torito. WINNER: El Torito

El Torito: 4, Hornswoggle: 1

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger (Triple Threat Match)

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: I believe my former ECW boss Paul Heyman when he says that Cesaro is indeed the next big thing. Heyman said the same thing about Brock Lesnar in 2002, and in case you haven’t heard, Paul Heyman’s client Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak. The greatest manager in the history of sports-entertainment has yet another future WWE World Heavyweight Champion as a client and his name is Cesaro. WINNER: Cesaro

@HowardFinkel: Any one of these three competitors can emerge victorious, just like that. But I am going with “The King of Swing,” based on the fact he’s been in a smooth groove since WrestleMania. Paul Heyman’s latest pride and joy will prevail in what I believe will be a highly competitive match. WINNER: Cesaro

Ryan Murphy: Maybe it has something to do with his trademark nonchalance, but Rob Van Dam always seems to get involved in conflicts that had nothing to do with him to begin with. Another byproduct of RVD’s unflappable cool, however, is that he doesn’t let emotions get in the way of victory. While The Real Americans unleash on each other over personal issues, Van Dam will hang back and wait for the perfect opportunity to nail someone with a Five Star Frog Splash. WINNER: Rob Van Dam

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Bobby Melok: The breakout success of Cesaro has been infuriating for his former partner, Jack Swagger, especially since “The King of Swing” ditched him and Zeb Colter for Paul Heyman. If the outspoken Colter is smart, he’ll help Swagger channel that rage at Extreme Rules. With everything to lose, look for Swagger to put in the fight of his life and best not only his former partner, but a legendary grappler in Rob Van Dam. WINNER: Jack Swagger

John Clapp: Cesaro is well equipped to vacillate between RVD’s unorthodox, aerial-based assaults and Swagger’s rugged farm strength, and that’s going to work to his advantage in the Triple Threat Match. It won’t be thanks to Paul Heyman’s managing, but Cesaro will score the win. WINNER: Cesaro

Cesaro: 3, Rob Van Dam: 1, Jack Swagger: 1

R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: WINNER: Alexander Rusev. ALSO WINNERS: All of us because we get to see Lana.

@HowardFinkel: If Alexander Rusev was a stock, I would be in a buy mode. He has more than impressed me thus far in his WWE tenure. Although more than capable opponents, the Truth/Woods combo will endure a long night at the office this Sunday, courtesy of Mr. Rusev. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

Ryan Murphy: A more interesting prediction to make here might be “How many limbs will R-Truth & Xavier Woods still have intact after Alexander Rusev is through with them?” Sure, the duo did a decent job of fending off The Bulgarian Brute on Raw, but when Lana commands her cyborg to “crush!” at Extreme Rules, it’s going to be a horror show. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

Bobby Melok: Despite their best efforts, R-Truth & Xavier Woods have not been able to make a dent in the seemingly impenetrable armor of Alexander Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute has hurled the two around the squared circle with ease over the past few weeks in singles bouts. Though he’s at a disadvantage in this Handicap Match, Rusev will relish the opportunity to dish out twice as much punishment in the same amount of time. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

John Clapp: The possibility of Alexander Rusev making Truth & Woods tap simultaneously to a two-for-one Accolade should not be ruled out. Against most Superstars in a Handicap Match, Truth & Woods would be the favorites. Not here. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

Alexander Rusev: 5, R-Truth & Xavier Woods: 0

Divas Champion Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: The native of Norwich, England, was born and bred to be the first female to hold both the NXT Women’s and WWE Divas Championships. AJ Lee never knew what hit her the night after WrestleMania and neither will Tamina at Extreme Rules. With all due respect to the powerful challenger, the 21-year-old Paige is just beginning her decades of Diva dominance. WINNER: Paige

@HowardFinkel: Tamina Snuka has everything to gain and nothing to lose. I have a lot of respect for Paige’s wrestling acumen and the splash that she’s made in WWE, but I truly believe that Tamina is going to give a stellar effort this Sunday, which will catapult her into the lofty position of becoming the new Divas Champion. WINNER: Tamina Snuka

Divas Championship preview |  Watch an exclusive interview with Paige

Ryan Murphy: Tamina Snuka is probably the last person Paige wanted to be facing in her first major Divas Title defense. She’s big, she’s strong and she’s not at all charmed by Paige’s British accent. Tamina is going to put this youngster through hell, but Paige will manage to pull out an unexpected win and come out on the other end looking better than ever. WINNER: Paige

Bobby Melok: Paige has blown away the WWE Universe since her shocking debut, but the raven-haired Diva faces her first true test at Extreme Rules. While Tamina will be out to take Paige’s head off with one of her trademark kicks, the feisty champion will use the size difference to her advantage, ducking and diving away from Snuka. She may not be able to trap Tamina in the Scorpion Cross Lock, but I think Paige has enough mettle to walk out of the Meadowlands with her championship. WINNER: Paige

John Clapp: Styles make fights, and I’m digging the dichotomy between the Divas Champion and her challenger. Ultimately, Paige won’t enjoy it nearly as much. By winning the Divas Title in her debut, she accomplished in one night what Tamina hasn’t done in four years, and the talented Diva from England will pay for her success at Extreme Rules. WINNER: Tamina Snuka

Paige: 3, Tamina Snuka: 2

Intercontinental Champion Big E vs. Bad News Barrett

@JoeyStyles: The near 300-pound Intercontinental Champion has WWE’s best bench press at 575 pounds. Bad News Barrett’s elbow smash to the skull will knock out any man who is on the receiving end of it. Big E fans, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

@HowardFinkelI view this match as a question of who’s the hotter hand going in. Obviously, that is Barrett, who garnered this opportunity by winning the No. 1 contender’s tournament. Barrett lusts for winning the Intercontinental Title for a fourth time, and he’ll accomplish just that. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Ryan Murphy: Big E won’t be leaving Extreme Rules with the Intercontinental Championship. Instead, it will be Preston, England’s most ruthless son who scissor lifts his way out of New Jersey with the white leather strap over his shoulder.  After all, Barrett didn’t elbow his way through studs like Sheamus and Rob Van Dam just to become — wait for it — yesterday’s news. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

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Bobby Melok: After months of delivering bad tidings, Bad News Barrett returned to action and won a tournament to earn this title opportunity. Sometimes a little time away from the ring is just what a Superstar needs to get back in the swing of things. Unfortunately for Big E, that means he’s going to collide with a rejuvenated Barrett, who has a renewed sense of purpose. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

John Clapp: The No. 1 contender’s tournament was a real treat, and Barrett looked sharp as he plowed through the field. But let’s not forget that Big E was keeping a close eye on the ceremonies. The powerhouse is more prepared for Barrett than the British brawler gives him credit for. WINNER: Big E

Bad News Barrett: 4, Big E: 1

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (Steel Cage Match)

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: The site of a flock of sheep-masked children singing along with “The Eater of Worlds” was the single greatest psychological ploy in sports-entertainment history … and that covers LOTS of ground! The steel cage itself is meant to keep Luke Harper & Erick Rowan from interfering in a one-on-one fight, yet the match rules dictate that there are no disqualifications. I fully expect Harper & Rowan to find a way to infiltrate the cage and help Wyatt hand Cena a devastating physical, psychological and emotional loss that will have the youngest members of the Cenation looking on through tears of horror. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

@HowardFinkel: Since their match at WrestleMania, the rivalry between John Cena and Bray Wyatt has greatly intensified. And once again Wyatt seems to have Cena’s number, to the point that I feel that even though Cena sounded confident towards the end of Raw, the cruel confines of the steel cage will work more to Wyatt’s advantage. I picked Wyatt to win at WrestleMania, and I’m sticking with him to win this match this Sunday, but not without a yeoman effort from Cena. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Ryan Murphy: This match is like that scene in every horror movie where the character manages to escape the maniac with the hedge clippers, but instead of running for the hills, they turn around and go back in the house. John Cena is the innocent teenager reentering the creepy shack here and, just like in the movies, there is an actual monster waiting for him inside. Good luck getting out of this one, champ. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Bobby Melok: In the weeks since WrestleMania 30, Bray Wyatt has gotten inside the head of John Cena. With part of the WWE Universe appearing to fall under Wyatt’s spell, Cena may truly be on his own as he is locked inside a steel cage with his unsettling foe. Bray Wyatt will finally get his wish as Cena unleashes the monster within. However, it will be Wyatt who walks out of the cage victorious. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

John Clapp: I’m preparing to be surprised by John Cena at Extreme Rules, and so should Wyatt. He’s begged to see Cena’s sinister side, and I can’t help but think Cena himself believes his journey might be headed toward a dark place. Bet on Bray finally getting to see the true Cena, warts and all. In the near-term, that means a hellish beat-down. Long-term? Maybe a new follower. WINNER: John Cena

Bray Wyatt: 4, John Cena: 1

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Kane (Extreme Rules Match)

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Logic dictates that a 5-foot-10, 210-pound man with a severely injured neck will not beat the 7-foot, 300-pound demon responsible for that injury. The analytical left side of my brain wants to pick Kane. However, the intuitive right side of my brain only replays the spectacle of a newly crowned champion leading 75,000 members of the WWE Universe in a “Yes!” chant at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. This internal wrestling match inside my head ends with the right side winning. WINNER: Daniel Bryan.

@HowardFinkel: For all of Kane’s time in WWE, I feel that the current incarnation of The Devil’s Favorite Demon is (pardon the pun) on fire. What aggression has stemmed from Kane towards Daniel Bryan! How effective is the champion going to be performance-wise? In my view, Bryan will find a way to eke out a narrow victory over Kane. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

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Ryan Murphy: You’d think once Daniel Bryan got by the three-headed Hydra of Evolution at WrestleMania 30, things would be easier. Instead, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion has to go up against an honest-to-god demon. That’s all right, though. Overcoming the odds is what Daniel Bryan does. What’s really disconcerting is this: After Bryan gets through Kane, what comes next? WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Bobby Melok: After capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Title and getting hitched, the bearded wonder ran into a big, red brick wall in the form of Kane. Three vicious Tombstones left him with spinal injuries that cast his championship reign into doubt in its infancy. Bryan, however, has made a career out of proving people wrong. While he may go through an extreme beating at the hands of Kane, I have no doubt that Bryan will weather the storm. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

John Clapp: Here are three quick reasons this match will be the one everyone’s talking about Monday: (1) Kane and Bryan have a long history, and a match with deeply personal overtones benefits from having no disqualifications; (2) this is Kane’s biggest opportunity in years; and (3) Bryan’s out to not only avenge himself and his wife, but to also prove he’s worthy of being champion. Hate to say it, but because of reason No. 2, I foresee a demonic new titleholder. WINNER: Kane

Daniel Bryan: 4, Kane: 1

The Shield vs. Evolution

Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Individually, the three members of Evolution can probably beat the three members of The Shield. However, re-editing an entrance video does not make Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton the same cohesive unit that they were a decade ago. As a whole, The Shield is stronger and, to quote Aristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” WINNER: The Shield

@HowardFinkelI am going with The Hounds of Justice to emerge victorious, in what I believe will be a closely contested contest. The difference maker to me is the cohesiveness of The Shield against the potential egomaniacal tendencies that I feel could surface amongst the members of Evolution. It’s just a premonition that I have. WINNER: The Shield

Ryan Murphy: Daniel Bryan proved at WrestleMania 30 that you can fight city hall, but there’s no way The Shield are going to realize the same thing. Triple H has seen what happens when he lets a Superstar get bigger than he can control and he’s not going to let it happen again with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Expect the old guard to take this one — by any means necessary. WINNER: Evolution

Bobby Melok: Though Ambrose, Reigns & Rollins have the upper hand at the moment after taking out Evolution’s hired goons, Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista have been waging war for far longer than The Shield. In the battle that is sure to unfold Sunday, the winner will be the team that can bend the rules to its advantage. I give the veteran Evolution the edge. WINNER: Evolution

John Clapp: The Hounds of Justice ate up The Attitude Era at WrestleMania, but are they capable of stopping the most dominant faction of The Ruthless Aggression Era? The Shield always seems to adapt to their situation. This six-man brawl will be a harsh Reality Era check for The Game. WINNER: The Shield

The Shield: 3, Evolution: 2

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