Is Christian Chamber bound?

Is Christian Chamber bound?

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question being posed by peeps throughout the WWE Universe ever since Christian tweeted a photo yesterday of a postcard reading “Love from Milwaukee” with no caption. That would be the very same Milwaukee hosting tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Coincidence? Hmm. With the mischievous Superstar, it’s never easy to tell.

All of which has led to frenzied speculation as to what Captain Charisma may be plotting. Is he actually in Wisconsin’s largest city? Or is he pulling another prank on the WWE Universe? If he is there, will he compete at tonight’s Elimination Chamber? And what would his arrival signal within the ranks of WWE?

It was three months ago that the agile Superstar suffered a high ankle sprain during a WWE tour of Europe. Has he had enough time to recuperate? If so, a bold, unexpected return would not seem out of character. And as evidenced by the following tweets, members of the WWE Universe appear eager for the homecoming.

“where have u been? It ain’t the same arrrrgggghhh” -@tpdmagic

“YAYYYYY!!!!!! SO GLAD YOU”RE BACK!!!!! :D” -@troublelovesSam

“You deserve to be WHC… #peepsforlife” -@TheRockBRTeam

To find out if Christian will indeed reemerge to shock the WWE Universe, be sure to watch the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view live at 8 ET/ 5 PT.

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