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It's been said that at ECW, the fans are the show. Proving that the sentiment still holds true in the new ECW, one fan got intimately involved at the ECW live event in Pine Bluff, Ark. Sunday night when his prosthetic leg was used as a weapon in an Extreme Rules Match.

"I thought, 'I hope they use it, just don't lose my shoe,' because that shoe was expensive," said Steve Wright, the fan who volunteered his leg.

Wright lost his leg while serving with the U.S. Navy in Korea when a tugboat line got caught around his foot and ankle and tore it off. While overseas, he got his ECW fix by trading tapes with friends and staying up until two in the morning to catch it on DIRECTV.

His antics at the ECW show wasn't the first time his leg has entertained people.

"I do silly things," Wright laughed, "like if I go through a drive through, I take my leg off real quick and put the money into it. Then when they ask for the money, I just hand them the leg and dump the money out. One young lady at Taco Bell just took off and I had to go inside to get my food. She was hiding from me, so the leg has scared a couple of folks."

Today, Wright lives in Arkansas where he works for a video game company and is very involved with his church. A self-proclaimed gym rat, he's also into working out and, of course, wrestling. He's attended many WWE events, but Sunday was his first ECW show.

"I'm glad ECW's back," he said. "From wrestlers jumping over the guard rails to interact with the fans, to Sandman coming down and spraying people with beer, to Tommy Dreamer using my leg, ECW is all about the fans. When you go to an ECW event, you're going to get the ultimate fan service."

Wright echoed what many ECW fans have said, that the access and the interaction with the Extremists is what makes the difference.

"As a wrestling fan, there's nothing like interacting with the wrestlers," he explained. "It's great going to see them live, but to actually interact and to actually get to do something with the wrestlers it's just really special."

Wright isn't the only one who enjoyed the interaction. Tommy Dreamer, the ECW Extremist who used the prosthetic leg to beat his opponent, said it was a special moment for him as well.

"I always try to make the fans happy and I'm happy that that night was really, really cool for the both of us," Dreamer said.

But what means even more to Wright is WWE's effort to support the men and women of the U.S. military around the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

"Every time I see WWE doing things for the troops, it makes me smile. It brings a tear to my eyes because I almost gave my life for this country; I almost died. When you're over there, [the media] can be so negative about people from the United States being over there."

"When you see something like Vince McMahon do the tribute to the troops or when they go to a military base or John Cena's new movie, "The Marine" - I wasn't a Marine, but I had a lot of Marine friends, that means a lot to us to see… words can't even describe it. I thank God for WWE, for doing what they do for the troops."


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