Trin-y from the block

You may know Trinity as the sexiest member of the FBI who recently returned to in-ring action after recovering from being injured, but this Diva has been around the block. If you have a penchant for wild women who live life on the edge, prepare to have your heart set ablaze.

"I love being set on fire," said a passionate Trinity about her previous ten year career as a stunt actress. "I actually have my own fire suits and when I buy them, I'll go and get a couple of stunt guys and we'll test them out in my yard or something. I'm like, 'okay, just set me on fire.'"

The fiery Diva has doubled for actresses Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet. Stunt work is actually how she got into wrestling.

"I got handed a script to be the stunt coordinator for a movie about backyard wrestling and I bought a wrestling ring and put it in my backyard," Trinity recalled. "I went to a wrestling school to see if people wanted to be in the movie. I wound up signing up, trained really hard for four months and I was hooked. I went on the road, started doing independent [shows] and got in the business."

Trinity was inspired by the highflying style of Lita and used her stunt training in the ring. She made a name for herself by leaping off balconies through tables and doing back flips off the top of steel cages. While all of that was exciting, Trinity especially loved when she got to show off her grappling prowess in matches against men.

"It was great to really earn my respect in the business and show the men that I can hold my own in the ring," Trinity explained. "That was probably my favorite thing. I love being the sexy Diva, but it's cool when they find out you can wrestle; they start respecting you on that level."

The ECW Diva explained that although she enjoys the engulfment of live flames, the high falls - of about 1500 feet - give her the "jitters." This is what keeps Trinity grounded - for the most part - on the mat and behind the wheel with one of her other favorite pastimes.

"I'm a racecar driver too. I love to race. I love to maneuver, do 180s, 360s, slide in, those are my favorite things. And I love being destructive. I love getting to break windows, break chairs, go through tables, crash cars, getting thrown out of cars. I mean, that's my thing; when people try to stay on the horse or stay on the motorcycle, I'm sliding out of motorcycles, falling off horses, jumping out of cars."

Trinity's raucous lifestyle is a perfect fit in the land of extreme, and she's excited for the opportunity to leave her mark on ECW.

"I'm so happy to have signed with ECW and WWE," Trinity exclaimed. "When you get into this business, it's all about WWE. I'm so happy and excited and whatever they want me to do, I'm happy to do it and give it my all. It's not about ass-kissing for me. I'm like a kid in a candy store, I'm so happy."

While the rough and tumble side of this Diva seemingly has it all together, she explained her softer side still has some work to do.

"I think I have a problem intimidating guys," she laughed. "I have such bad luck in the love department. All the guys are so intrigued and are like, 'Oh wow she's cool' but then when they have me… My mother always tells me, 'Don't beat them all the time.'"

While Trinity may still have a thing or two to learn about love, she's an overachiever when it comes to higher learning. She has a bachelor's in accounting and psychology and a Masters in education. She's a certified teacher for elementary, secondary, business, phys ed, health and technology.

"I'm very ambitious and goal orientated. So yeah, it takes a really confident guy. You think they all are, and then they can't handle me," she laughed

Although Trinity has been unlucky in love, she certainly has it going on. Surely, men and ECW fans alike will fall in love with her many assets as she paves her way through the extreme landscape of sports-entertainment.

"Stunt work is great, but I was always behind the scenes doubling someone," she said. "I couldn't be myself. [ECW] is where I can put it all together. Finally, I get to talk smack whereas in stunt work it was like 'Don't look at the camera, don't say anything, don't do anything.' I'm all about physicality and being extreme. I definitely love the adrenaline rush jumping off buildings, high falls, jumping out of helicopters, so it was such a natural transition getting into wrestling. But in wrestling, there's just so much to it. I love it!"


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