The last laugh?

The last laugh?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Heading into One Night Stand, Bobby Lashley hoped the third time was the charm for him against Mr. McMahon. Well, on Sunday night in Jacksonville, Fla., Irish eyes were smiling on Lashley (well, maybe not Mr. McMahon's Irish eyes, but the proverbial ones at least) as he finally conquered the Chairman and reclaimed the ECW World Title.

Lashley knew what he was up against heading into his Street Fight with Mr. McMahon; no rules meant anything the Chairman, Umaga, Shane McMahon or any of the Chairman's unknown associates would throw at him would all be legal. But just like another famous champion nearly a quarter-century ago, Lashley followed three "demandments" on his path to the top.

"Persistence, persistence, persistence…I always wear a shirt that says dedication gets you there and desire keeps you coming, and that's what got me here today," Lashley said, moments after regaining the ECW World Title. "I had all kinds of obstacles to overcome; three people, chairs, trash cans, the announce table…and I overcame everything. To have this (the ECW World Title) right now shows people everywhere that desire and persistence can bring you to the top."

Since WrestleMania, Mr. McMahon and company have done everything they can to demoralize Lashley, screwing him and leaving him decimated at every turn. It was just two weeks ago that Lashley finally beat the trio, but the Chairman screwed him by denying him the ECW gold because he pinned Shane.

This time, however, even though Lashley persevered and found a way to win, he felt he was up against even worse odds than at Backlash or Judgment Day.

"It was actually harder because everything wasn't out on the table," the new champion revealed. "I knew all of them would be there at once this time, and that made it tougher to deal with."

While quick to bask in his victory, the ever-gracious new champion was also quick to give credit to the trio he conquered at One Night Stand.

"Umaga, he's a killer. You face him one-on-one and it's hard enough," Lashley recalled. "Really, all three of those guys are tough enough on their own, but when all of them are in my face at the same time, it's not easy. That's okay though; desire and perseverance, that's why I'm standing here as champion."

In sports-entertainment, it's always much easier to scale that championship mountain than to stay atop it. While all of the Superstars in the locker room will now be gunning for Lashley, he knows that a certain foe will ALWAYS be in that rear-view mirror.

"As long as Mr. McMahon is the Chairman and I work for WWE, I know he will always be there," Lashley said with a slight smirk. "Anytime he wants to push that button, drop that bomb and push the kill Bobby Lashley button, he can. So I know that I haven't seen the last of him for good, but that's fine."

Now that he's champion again, another battle with Mr. McMahon might just be icing on the cake for Bobby Lashley.

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