Psychedelic fanhood

Psychedelic fanhood

Just as ECW fans see each week in Die Hards, in the Land of Extreme, the fans are a big part of the show. Amid the entire crowd of characters at any given ECW live event, perhaps none are more colorful -- literally -- than one fanatic by the name of The Tye Dye Guy.

In attendance for more than 50 ECW shows on the east coast, The Tye Dye Guy's persona originates as far back as 1995 where his character was born in his native state of Florida.

"What [northeast ECW fan] Straw Hat Guy did in Philly, I did in Florida," The Tye Dye Guy claimed. "He had his gimmick up at the ECW arena and when ECW came to Florida, I did it there, then continued nationally with ECW through the 1990s."

According to The Tye Dye Guy, his initial exposure to the extreme brand occurred when the original ECW's programming became syndicated outside of Philadelphia on the Sunshine Network. His life would forever change after his first live experience at the War Memorial Auditorium in South Florida.

From Miami to East Rutherford, N.J., this bright-patterned, psychedelic ECW fanatic has since stood beside countless ECW fans at shows of the mid-90s, both One Night Stands and of course, the more recent new breed live events.

"This is, more or less, homage to all the wrestlers that impressed me as I was growing up in the 80s and 90s," he explained. "Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura; I put them all together and this is pretty much what came out."

The Tye Dye Guy said that one of his finest moments in the ECW spotlight took place in November 1998 at an ECW show where he had interaction with former Extremist Bubba Ray Dudley. From that moment, until after the end of the original ECW until now, he has remained loyal to the hardcore brand.
"I've been ECW since day one and I still love ECW," he said. "I will continue supporting the new breed, traveling all over the country and seeing as many shows as I can." He added, "ECW's the greatest."

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