Extreme Strip Poker comes to ECW

ECW.com has learned that Extreme Strip Poker starring all WWE Divas and ECW Vixens will take place on a can't-miss edition of ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday.

For the first time ever, ECW Vixens and RAW and SmackDown Divas alike will compete to keep their clothes - and this time, the sexiest women on television are at the mercy of the deck.

From full-house to royal flush, one thing is for sure, no matter which femme fatale gets dealt the best hand, the real winners will be ECW on Sci Fi viewers.

Which Diva or Vixen will bring her poker face to ECW in less than three weeks? How will the Vixens and Divas prepare for this provocative game of chance? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi this week, as well as RAW and SmackDown to find out. And, don't miss the must-see edition of ECW on Sci Fi.


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