Tonight's Homework: Call Dad!

Tonight's Homework: Call Dad!

After Monday night's horrific tragedy, the atmosphere throughout World Wrestling Entertainment could be described as empty, cold and grey with uncertainties. WWE locker rooms are nearly soundless as Superstars are quietly reflecting upon the shocking incident that took place so close to Father's Day. Even the self-centered ECW Superstar Matt Striker has become at a loss for words while reflecting upon the incident.

"How do you THINK I feel about what happened Monday night?" the arrogant teacher said while pulling down his Armani Exchange glasses. "I don't normally get into my personal life, but this makes me think about my father. If it wasn't for my father, I wouldn't be the man I am today, I wouldn't be as smart and I certainly wouldn't have the success that I have — so that's all I have to say."

It's no secret that there's a close connection between Striker and his father. The argyle-clad Superstar has made numerous appearances on TV to discuss their relationship and how his father introduced him to the sport that soon became his passion.

 "To be honest and humble, people, my father is directly responsible for the person that you love to hate every week. So, don't blame me, blame him for introducing me to this great sport."

Since Striker informed us that his father was directly responsible for introducing him to this sport, got a hold of Striker's father to discuss more about their relationship.

"The first time that I introduced my son to professional wrestling, I asked him if he wanted to see someone fly," Striker's father said. Little did the Extreme Educator know he would be exposed to WWE Legend and Hall of Famer "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka.

"He just sat there with his mouth wide open," his father remembered. "Then it developed into a thing where he would jump off the dresser in my apartment pretending to be like the wrestlers."

Ever since Striker watched the high-flying moves of Snuka, he was hooked. Wrestling engulfed him, sparking feelings of excitement and passion, which led him to watch sports- entertainment frequently.

When the diligent 7-year-old wasn't reading the dictionary or browsing through War and Peace, Striker was watching wrestling on TV and going to Madison Square Garden events with his father. This is when his rhetoric verbalization and desire for ‘hands on' began.

"He started going down to the ring and taunting the wrestlers, jumping up and down, screaming at them," his father recalled.

Then one day Striker went up to his father and told him that he wanted to go to wrestling school to learn the ropes of the squared circle.

"I remember him mentioning that he wanted to wrestle with a mask, but everyone else always told him that he was far too good looking," his father claimed.

Even though Striker refuses to talk much about his personal life, his father still continues to talk in high regard about his son. "Proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about my son's accomplishments," his father boasted. "I've always told him that he's smart, handsome and talented. He's come a long way."

Finally, we asked Striker's father what he would like to receive on Father's Day from his son this Sunday, and he told us that a phone call would be enough.

Well, sounds like an easy assignment, Striker. For homework tonight: Pencil in your little black agenda book to call dad. Your teacher.


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