ECW Champion to make history on Nov. 5

The reaction on the faces of many in the WWE locker room on Monday night following Mr. McMahon's huge announcement regarding the Cyber Sunday main event was that of pure disbelief. Cyber Sunday will mark a sports-entertainment milestone: for the first time ever it will be champion vs. champion vs. champion as ECW World Champion Big Show, WWE Champion John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion King Booker meet in the same squared circle.

One of those involved in the blockbuster match-up is ECW's Extreme Giant who, unlike many other Superstars, was excited by the announcement.

"I'm looking forward to it," said the ECW Champion. "For months I've been trying to prove to everyone that ECW is the top show in the company and it deserves respect. People don't know how tough or hardcore our guys are. Right now, I'm the hardest of the hardcore and I can't wait to show everyone what ECW is all about."

Every Tuesday night, the ECW locker room is gunning for the gold-bearing Big Show. But at Cyber Sunday, the entire ECW roster will be in Big Show's corner as he represents the hardcore brand on pay-per-view. If Big Show doesn't win, however, he will face a locker room full of hostile extremists, including the dominant powerhouse known as Test.

"I've put some of my career aspirations on hold for Paul Heyman's vision of ECW," said an agitated Test. "His vision right now is of Big Show as ECW champion. I'm being groomed by both Big Show and Paul Heyman to be the future of ECW, and to one day carry that mantle and be the champion that Big Show is now. If King Booker or John Cena were to somehow walk out with the win at Cyber Sunday, I would be awfully pissed. But, that's not going to happen, Big Show is going to win."

For Rob Van Dam, a man considered by many to be the face of ECW, the success of the World's Largest Athlete at Cyber Sunday is a necessity.

"Normally, I wouldn't say this, but I hope the Big Show comes out on top," said Van Dam. "I believe that ECW is the best product of the three, and I hope Big Show proves that at Cyber Sunday. If he doesn't win, he will have let me and the rest of ECW down."

Big Show will make history when he climbs over the top rope and into the Cyber Sunday ring as the ECW World Champion. You can witness history for yourself live on Sunday, Nov. 5 when Cyber Sunday comes to pay-per-view. 


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