Prelude to a Rumble

Prelude to a Rumble

As first reported by WWE Mobile Alerts, the main event for tonight's ECW on Sci Fi has changed, and Lashley will now face his Rumble opponent Test in a prelude to their championship match this Sunday.

Much like Lashley demanded a match against Test at the Royal Rumble, the Impact Player reportedly insisted that this match take place tonight. Though Lashley was originally scheduled to face Hardcore Holly in an Extreme Rules Match tonight, the fighting ECW World Champion accepted Test's challenge without hesitation.

Over the course of the last several weeks, ECW fans have witnessed a more lethal and ravenous side of Test in his quest for ECW gold. Lashley has proven himself to be a fighting champion, but his decision to battle the "Most Ruthless Competitor in ECW" could have tremendous implications on their title match just five days from now.

This also leaves the hostile veteran Hardcore Holly without an opponent tonight. The Alabaman Extremist had a rare opportunity against the ECW World Champion until the Impact Player stepped in. How will Holly react to this change of events?

What kind of damage will take place tonight on ECW on Sci Fi? Will either of tonight's combatants make it to the Royal Rumble in one piece?

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