The dream match will happen

ECW representative Paul Heyman told a worldwide audience Friday night that World Champion Rey Mysterio has accepted a challenge and will put his title on the line June 11th at ECW One Night Stand against Sabu! Heyman, joining Michael Cole and Tazz on commentary for new ECW Superstar Kurt Angle’s farewell match on SmackDown, said Sabu made the challenge and Mysterio said “let’s get it on”.

This match will mark the first time the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death-defying Sabu will meet Rey Mysterio. It will be a match of similar high-flying styles, but many believe Sabu’s violent, do anything to win mentality could give him the edge. Mysterio, however, has the heart of a champion and will not go down without a fight!

The WWE Championship is also on the line at One Night Stand with John Cena defending against one of ECW’s newest acquisitions Rob Van Dam. The contract signing for that match will take place Monday night on RAW. Heyman predicts one, if not both titles, will change hands at One Night Stand. If they do Heyman claims they will be re-named the ECW world titles!

Also on SmackDown, Heyman announced that Kurt Angle has issued an open-challenge for One Night Stand. Angle will meet anyone from any brand in a one-on-one match. Heyman told Cole during commentary “Angle means anyone, from anywhere! He doesn’t care if the person’s from a four-sided ring, a six-sided ring or an eight-sided ring. Read into it Cole!”

ECW One Night Stand comes to you live from New York City Sunday Night June 11th on PPV.

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