RVD Suspended

Moments after screwing Rob Van Dam out of the ECW Championship, Paul Heyman gave the following statement to ECW.com:

“As of this moment, Rob Van Dam has been suspended for 30 days.”

I approached Heyman immediately as he came backstage following the match to ask him why he screwed Van Dam. Heyman only smiled and offered the above statement. I followed him to ask him why RVD was suspended and why he was screwed out of the ECW Championship…but he only walked faster. When I finally got to his office door, Heyman slammed the door in my face.

Unfortunately, what should have been RVD’s holiday weekend homecoming went from bad to worse to downright horrible. On Monday morning, everything seemed cool as RVD walked into the Wachovia Center as both the ECW and WWE Champion; Tuesday night, however, he left the building with no gold and no job for a month.

After losing the WWE Championship to Edge in a Triple Threat Match on RAW, RVD also lost his ECW Championship to Big Show live on ECW on Sci Fi Tuesday night. With the referee down, Van Dam seemingly had the match won after a Five-Star Frog Splash. Paul Heyman went to count the pinfall like he did at One Night Stand…but before he got to three, Heyman stopped and stared at RVD.

Van Dam looked like he had just lost his best friend, and as he and Heyman did some jaw jacking, Big Show recovered. He spun Rob around and nailed him with a chair, and after a vicious chokeslam on that same chair, ECW had a new champion.

And now, with the suspension levied by Heyman, it looks like RVD won’t have a chance to right the wrong he has been handed.


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