Just a roadblock

Tuesday night on Sci Fi, the ECW fans will witness history as they watch Rob Van Dam and Hardcore Holly face off during Extreme Championship Wrestling's Madison Square Garden debut. The history between the two competitors is brief but intense, and at ECW on Sci Fi, both men showed that intensity in the middle of the squared circle. WWE.com caught up with both men on Monday afternoon as they prepared for battle.

Former World Champion Rob Van Dam was focused as always just a few short hours before his match. However, the hardcore veteran admitted to ECW.com that he was slightly preoccupied with the reaction the Madison Square Garden faithful would have to the highly-anticipated debut of ECW at MSG.

"I can't wait to go out there and get that big Garden welcome," said the ECW original. "It's Madison Square Garden, and it's the first time ECW has been here so I'm expecting a lot of hype and noise out of the crowd. Every time I perform I try to get the biggest response from the crowd and this will be no different."

Since his arrival in ECW a month ago, Hardcore Holly has made RVD his first priority. On his Sci Fi debut, Holly attacked Van Dam with a steel chair, and gave him a first hand look at his signature maneuver, the Alabama Slam. The following week, Van Dam was disqualified for hitting Holly with a steel chair, giving the new Extremist the victory. Two weeks ago, the bad blood continued when Van Dam and Holly brawled during the Sabu and Paul Heyman match, setting the stgte for an inevitable second encounter. Van Dam says Holly is not so much a rival as he is a temporary roadblock.

"He's really just a preoccupation for me right now," said the veteran Extremist. "I know with him being new here he's going to try to make a name for himself at my expense, and that's all good. He's really just slowing me down while my Championship is occupied by the Big Show."

When Hardcore Holly heard of Van Dam's comments, it appeared only to anger the Alabama Extremist. "I have no comment," was all the ECW newcomer had to say, apparently choosing to let his actions in the ring do the talking.

What was the crowd response to the long-awaited debut of ECW at the Garden? Did Van Dam steal the show in his quest to bypass the latest roadblock on his way to the ECW Championship? Did Hardcore Holly make an extreme statement against the ECW legend? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi, Tuesday night at 10/9 CT to find out.

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