RVD picks his spot

After Rob Van Dam defeated ECW World Champion Big Show for the second consecutive time on ECW on Sci Fi, he earned himself the opportunity to choose when and where he would rematch the Extreme Giant for the ECW World Title. After some deliberation, Van Dam has come to a decision on when that will be. 
"I'm looking to finally getting my first championship rematch since July 4 at ECW December to Dismember," RVD announced to ECW.com.
Van Dam has been in a similar situation before. After a victory at WrestleMania 22 in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match, RVD cashed in his WWE Championship opportunity at ECW One Night Stand and won the WWE Title from John Cena. Van Dam has vowed that this time will be no different.
"ECW December to Dismember will be a night that ECW fans, RVD fans and Paul Heyman will not forget. It will be a December to remember," said the challenger. 
There is a lot on the line for Van Dam. The former WWE and ECW Champion was cheated out of his gold by the self-proclaimed Messiah of ECW, Paul Heyman in the infamous South Philly Screwjob. The maniacal Heyman turned his back on RVD and other ECW Originals shortly after ECW debuted on the Sci Fi Channel. For months, it seemed like Van Dam would never receive another opportunity at the ECW Title, but by defeating Big Show twice he proved that there's no holding him back.
"It was perfect timing when I cashed in my Money in the Bank at One Night Stand. Everyone saw what happened there; at December to Dismember, history will repeat itself," vowed RVD.

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