Punk a step away from ECW fame

Punk a step away from ECW fame

PHOENIX -- CM Punk has earned his 15 Minutes of Fame. On ECW on Sci Fi, Punk beat Elijah Burke and Tommy Dreamer in a Triple Threat Match to win a chance to get in the ring with ECW Champion John Morrison.

Next week on ECW, Punk will face Morrison in the ECW Champ's 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge. If Punk either lasts 15 minutes in the ring with Morrison or beats him, Punk is entitled to a future opportunity at the ECW Championship.

Before the Triple Threat Match, Morrison promised, "Whichever one of you wins, I will make your career next week." But is the clock ticking for Morrison as he prepares to face CM Punk? Has the new face of Extreme offered a challenge too big, even as ECW's self-proclaimed fighting champion?

After Punk pinned Burke last week, and destroyed him with a G.T.S. for the win this week, the Straightedge Superstar has proven he's a force to be reckoned with on ECW. But what will he bring to his 15 Minutes of Fame Match against Morrison? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi to see if the Straightedge Superstar can rearrange the new face of Extreme and earn his chance at Morrison's ECW Championship.

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