Out of control?

Out of control?

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The normally laid-back Rob Van Dam couldn't stand it anymore. His head still throbbed one week after Snitsky blasted him with a chair, and he watched in horror from the locker room as the ECW ogre was about make a repeat performance on his longtime friend, Tommy Dreamer.

With a vacant look in his eyes, Snitsky gritted his yellow-stained teeth as he prepared to cream Dreamer. But the crowd erupted in cheers and RVD chants when the ECW Original ran from the locker room and thwarted Snitsky's attack with a Van Daminator from the top rope.

WWE.com caught up with Van Dam after ECW on Sci Fi went off the air Tuesday night, and he said he had to take a stand against Snitsky.

"Tommy has broken his back and his neck for ECW," RVD said. "He is a man who truly loves and respects this business. He doesn't deserve to have someone like Snitsky try to permanently take him out. You see a lot of guys these days who don't have respect for the business or the people who have been trailblazers in this business. Look at what Randy Orton did to Shawn Michaels. He took advantage of a man's injury on both Raw and Judgment Day, and now a legendary career may be over. It's disgusting. Someone needs to stand up and that someone is me, Rob Van Dam."

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