One more left in him?

Current WWE SmackDown color analyst Tazz has challenged RAW color analyst Jerry “the King” Lawler at ECW One Night Stand. In an impassioned speech from the broadcast table during SmackDown Tazz looked into the camera and told the King “I got one left in me, Lawler!”

It was an emotional and anger-driven challenge which conjured up memories of days when Tazz ruled ECW as its World Champion. Sources close to Tazz say he has been increasingly agitated in recent weeks since Lawler began his barrage of attacks on ECW, calling it “extremely crappy wrestling” and questioning its legacy. Things turned personal this past Monday night on RAW when Lawler turned his attacks to Tazz, saying “Tazz used to be tough, but now he’s just a joke-cracking King wannbe”.

Looking into the camera, his top lip turned up in anger, Tazz removed his sunglasses and told Lawler “with God as my witness, I guarantee I will choke your ass out at One Night Stand! Because I am Tazz, beat me if you can old man, survive if I let you!”

Will Jerry “The King” Lawler answer Tazz’ “extreme” challenge? We could find out on Monday Night RAW this week at 9/8c on USA!

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