Morrison era begins on ECW

Morrison era begins on ECW

ECW Champion John Morrison has already made a name for himself in the Land of the Extreme.

When Morrison left his former self behind, he made his reborn presence felt on ECW with passion. The reason for the change is simple -- John Morrison is being true to himself.

"Johnny Nitro wasn't my real name and I feel like I was cheating the fans and cheating myself," Morrison said. "John Morrison is my real name. It's the real me, and that's all I'm going to be from now on -- 100 percent myself, John Morrison, a fighting champion."

As the self-professed new face of Extreme, Morrison is on a mission, but he wants the support of our faithful fans.

"This is what I intend to do. Our fans and I have a huge opportunity right now to make ECW really shine," Morrison said of his plans.

Claiming to be a fighting champion, Morrison is 100 percent convinced he will have the backing of our fans, especially those looking for a brave leader.

"People look to me for direction. People need a leader like John Morrison. People need someone to look at and think to themselves, ‘Watching John Morrison distracts me from the sorrow and tragedy of my own existence.' It's a collective catharsis of the masses, when they see John Morrison in the ring," he explained.

"All the problems people have with their lives, the bad jobs, the poor relationships, whatever it is -- and everybody has something -- I'm the shining example of one person who has everything that anyone could ever want," he said. "I am an icon. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm the ECW Champion. People see me and forget about their own problems."

By bringing the 15 Minute Challenge to ECW, Tuesday nights on Sci Fi will never be the same. The bold ECW Champion welcomes all to the Land of the Extreme with his new trademark Challenge.

"Come one, come all. I, as the new face of Extreme, the people's fighting champion, will take on anyone who wants his 15 Minutes of Fame. As a brave warrior and icon, I'm offering this Challenge to everyone."

Morrison has already faced one contender in the 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge. The local Fresno, Calif., wrestler was out in 34 seconds in the ring with Morrison. Who will accept Morrison's challenge next? Is Morrison's ego too big for his own good? It's possible the 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge could hinder the self-proclaimed fighting champion -- only time will tell. For now, Morrison said every single one of our fans will look up to him as a true Extreme icon, changing the face of ECW forever.

"This is something that the entire country, moreover, the entire world, can enjoy and relive," he said. "John Morrison is the new face of Extreme, the ECW Champion. More than that, this is not only a new time for ECW, but also the era of John Morrison."

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