John Morrison challenges all

John Morrison challenges all

FRESNO, Calif. -- Hot off the heels of his win at The Great American Bash, ECW Champion John Morrison was declared the new face of Extreme on ECW. Since he's already defeated CM Punk twice, Morrison is offering a 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge to all those who dare to take on the self-proclaimed fighting champion.

"A true champion doesn't just fight the same guy over and over again. No, a true champion takes on all comers. And I'm a fighting champion," Morrison said.

"To prove this point, I'm going to give someone an opportunity to claim their very own 15 minutes of fame. If anyone can last 15 minutes in the ring with me, or somehow beat me in 15 minutes, well they're entitled to a future ECW Championship match," said the ECW Champ.

Morrison claimed he ran into an athlete who actually intimidated him in the locker room area, so the ECW Champ gave him his deserved 15 Minutes of Fame. Well, 15 minutes quickly turned into 34 seconds, as Morrison delivered a cheap shot to the local competitor, followed by a vicious corkscrew neckbreaker to pin him in just more than half a minute.

"Well, you gave it your best shot, kid. But you couldn't get the job done, and that was your brush with greatness," Morrison smirked.

While Morrison and Elijah Burke lost a tag team match to Punk and Tommy Dreamer on Tuesday night, the loss won't stop Morrison from continuing his role as the new face of Extreme.

"My mission is to make believers out of all of you. Last week, I came out here and told you all that I am destined to do great things. This past week at The Great American Bash, I proved it when I defeated CM Punk and retained the ECW Championship," Morrison said.

Who else will accept the ECW Champion's 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge? Will anyone be able to tame ECW's new face of Extreme, John Morrison?

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