Last chance to slay the dragon

This week on ECW on Sci Fi, Rob Van Dam gets his last chance to reclaim his position at the very top of ECW -- a brand he first debuted with more than one decade ago. On Tuesday, ECW fans will witness an epic encounter between RVD and a man who has yet to be pinned since his emergence in ECW, arguably the most dominant champion in sports-entertainment today: Big Show.

"The ECW worldwide audience has spoken, and despite my prophecies, RVD is still their man," Paul Heyman told "Obviously, my Children of Extreme need to witness before their very eyes, the sheer dominance of the ECW World Champion Big Show. Therefore, I have granted Rob Van Dam his first one-on-one opportunity against The Big Show since their July 4 match in Philadelphia when Big Show won the championship."

At the unexpected and surprising behest of Paul Heyman, RVD was given the unique opportunity to compete against the Extreme Giant. Since the infamous South Philly Screwjob on July 4 where Heyman aided the Extreme Giant in seizing the gold from Van Dam, Heyman has placed roadblock after roadblock in front of RVD -- from the rugged Hardcore Holly to the malicious Test.

The ECW Messiah, who since the rebirth of ECW has abandoned ECW Originals like Van Dam, has forged an alliance of sorts with the World's Largest Athlete and others that he believes are the future of Extreme. Bastardized by ECW's self-touted martyr and Messiah, RVD has spent the majority of his recent ECW career fighting against the tide and against highly stacked odds.

Finally, having endured a number of grueling confrontations, he has brawled his way back into contention for ECW's top prize. Given the events of the last several months, when RVD was presented with this prospect, it was undoubtedly an offer the Extremist could not refuse.

"Should RVD pull off the impossible and defeat Big Show," explained Heyman, "then I will be obligated to grant him a title match. However, if Van Dam falls victim to the champion, like [so many others] have before him, then I will move ECW forward and far away from RVD's selfish pursuit of being the ECW World Champion."

In order for RVD to reach the pinnacle of the ECW mountain, he will need to conquer a steep challenge in the ECW World Champion. The path of the massive Extremist has been that of destruction and sheer dominance. Big Show has defended his championship against all-comers and has yet to be pinned since claiming the gold. Relive the wreckage of the Extreme Giant on

From encounters with Extremists Sabu and Sandman to battles with RAW and SmackDown behemoths like Kane, Batista and Undertaker, the World's Largest Athlete has left a stack of crippled bodies in his immense tracks. He even dominated in the bloodiest Hell in a Cell Match in history against D-Generation X at Unforgiven.

This Tuesday, the mammoth path of the ECW World Champion intersects with that of Rob Van Dam on ECW on Sci Fi. Would RVD be able to scale the 7-foot mountain? Could he earn the right to an ECW World Championship match? Or would Big Show maintain his supremacy and dominate en route to Cyber Sunday?

What level of Extreme would both men have in store for each other? Tune in Tuesday on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT to see all the unbelievable action.



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