Opportunity knocks hard at Rumble

Opportunity knocks hard at Rumble

ECW.com has learned that following the heinous events of ECW on Sci Fi, Lashley demanded and was granted a match against Test at the Royal Rumble, with the ECW World Title on the line.

At the close of Tuesday night's show, Lashley was victorious in a Triple Threat Match against his Rumble opponent and Rob Van Dam. The celebration, however, was short-lived as the Impact Player snared the title and lured the champion to the outside where he blasted Lashley across his skull.

Knocked completely cold, Lashley lay motionless on the arena floor while Test stood over his body, shouting directly into the champion's face while clutching his title. In and out of consciousness, Lashley may have been able to hear the words of his covetous enemy, and now, the hard-hitting ECW World Champion has found a new mission: seek and destroy.

Test's attack on Lashley may have enabled the Impact Player to earn a title opportunity and live up to his moniker, but the impact he made may have also ignited a rage in Lashley never seen before. Now, at the Royal Rumble, the "Most Ruthless Competitor in ECW" will come face-to-face with the champion who has floored a giant and toppled multiple opponents in a single match.

This will unquestionably be a true test of two powerful Extremists, but only one man can emerge with the ECW World Title. Who will it be? Catch the 20th annual Royal Rumble, as it comes to you live and only on pay-per-view on Sunday, Jan. 28 at 8/7 CT.

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