A Reunion of Sorts

Last night, ECW legends Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer signed copies of "The Rise and Fall of ECW" book at Bookends in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The signing, which was supposed to last for just two hours, had to be extended to accommodate the overwhelming number of people in the line. The hardcore representatives told ECW.com that it's always fun to meet with the ECW faithful.

"The line was very long and the fans were of course very vocal. I saw a lot of old faces so it was like a reunion of sorts for me. The owner got a little upset with us because we were only supposed to sign books, but we ended up signing action figures and T-Shirts, and took pictures with all the fans," explained the Innovator of Violence.

Among the pictures Dreamer took with the fans was the second half of a "before and after" with a fan he met more than eight years ago. "I had a fan show me a picture I took with his son when he was only two years old. Now, his son is 10, so we did sort of a before and after shot."

For Heyman, the signing was a chance to hear what's on the mind of the fans that supported his company through its heyday. "It was a blast. I always have a blast when I get to talk to ECW fans and find out what's on their minds. I want to know what they like, and what they dislike and like to be around their intensity."

There were many highlights during the extended book signing. Heyman told the stories of a few fans that came from far and wide to meet their hardcore heroes. "We had one couple who drove all the way down from Buffalo, New York, to meet us. We had another couple that celebrated their 10th anniversary by coming to meet us and get some autographs. And then there was one lady that just kept screaming at the top of her lungs for the entire time. I think she was just happy to be part of the extreme experience."

Dreamer explained that a few females offered to give the signing the feel of an authentic ECW affair. "Any time you attend an event with Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman, you're going to have a good time. We don't always play by the rules. We didn't have anybody get naked, but a couple girls offered. It wouldn't be ECW without that."

Heyman had a special message for the ECW fans that attended the both the signing, and the recent ECW live events. "The signing further proved to me what I knew all along. The fans are the biggest story in ECW. We are as much a fan of our crowd as they are of us. The fans are the biggest stars in ECW, and that was confirmed at One Night Stand, it was confirmed at the ECW Arena last weekend, and I hope it will be confirmed to me again this Tuesday at the Wachovia Center."

The extremists of ECW, Heyman and Dreamer included will be at the Wachovia Center this Tuesday, the 4th of July for a live edition of ECW on Sci Fi. The main event is a huge WWE and ECW Championship match between ECW's Rob Van Dam and WWE's Edge.

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