A matter of respect

Last week on ECW on Sci Fi, not only was the new breed unleashed, but a Vixen from the original ECW was also unleashed when Francine made an extreme return to the land of hardcore.

The no-nonsense former manager of ECW Original Tommy Dreamer sent shockwaves through the sports-entertainment world when she stormed the ring in defense of her friend Balls Mahoney and engaged in a classic ECW catfight with the bizarre Ariel.

As an ECW Original, Francine understands the importance of respect to ECW's legacy. Last week, Ariel again interfered in ECW original Balls Mahoney's match with Kevin Thorn and that, says Francine, was what drew her return.

"I don't know who this butt-ugly vampire chick thinks she is," said an angry Francine. "Every time Balls has a match, she keeps sticking her mug into his business. ECW original stick together and Ariel's going to find that out the hard way."

The hard way is just how Balls Mahoney made a name for himself in the original ECW. According to Balls, if Francine's idea of the hard way is a catfight, then he's more than interested in seeing Francine and Ariel collide again.

"She's a tough chick," said an excited Balls. "As much I can't wait to get my hands on Kevin Thorn again, I'd almost rather see Francine get her hands on Ariel again. I remember being on the opposite side of the ring of some her men in ECW, and I was almost safer being inside against the men than her. Ariel is going to get a beating like no other."

Aside from accompanying Kevin Thorn to the ring each week, Ariel has made a living out of predicting the future. The Sci Fi succubus told ECW.com that Francine's role in ECW is limited at best.

"I look to the future and I see Kevin Thorn and myself on top of ECW," said the sultry Vixen. "In fact, I see many glorious moments for ECW, but none include Francine. Now that she has drawn the wrath of the vampire goddess, she has no future at all. The ridding of Francine will be my own self-fulfilling prophecy."


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