RVD: A Fighting Champion

Last night at Vengeance, ECW's Rob Van Dam successfully defended his WWE Championship against RAW's Rated-R Superstar, Edge. After the match, Van Dam challenged former WWE Champion John Cena to a title match on RAW.

RVD, who is both the WWE and ECW World Heavyweight Champion, won the gold at ECW's One Night Stand pay-per-view when he defeated Cena in dramatic fashion. Cena never got a rematch after One Night Stand, and Van Dam understands his frustration. Tonight on RAW, Van Dam will look to prove himself as a fighting champion when he faces the former Champ for the gold. Last night, ECW.com caught up with Van Dam to get his thoughts on impending defense against Cena.

Van Dam reiterated that facing Cena tonight is just another step in proving to everyone he is more than a temporary holder of the gold. "People have used the word transitional Champ, but that's not what I am. Beating Edge tonight proved to everybody that I am a fighting Champion. I feel like I need to beat Cena again to prove that it wasn't a fluke. He still thinks he's the Champion but he's not. I wanted to give him another shot because I am the Champion, and I love challenging myself because that's the only way to be the best.

RVD claims that it doesn't matter if he defends the Championship on his home turf at ECW, or if he has to go onto hostile ground at RAW. "I have the belt because I continually have the best matches. I'll continue to do that whether it's in an ECW style or WWE style because I am the best."

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