Extremists divided on Heyman's dismissal

Initial reactions by the ECW Extremists to the announcement of Paul Heyman's dismissal seem split down tenure lines. The ECW Originals appear upset and in a state of shock, whereas the new breeds seem to have a more optimistic outlook.

"I'm shocked," said Tommy Dreamer. "I don't know what's going on right now."

Dreamer boasts the longest tenure with ECW, and has known Heyman for more than ten years. Fellow ECW Original, Stevie Richards was equally shocked by the announcement.

"I have no idea what to say, except whatever Paul decides to do eventually, I wish him the best of luck in future endeavors," said Richards.

While many of the ECW Originals were too shocked by Heyman's dismissal to react to the situation yet, Rob Van Dam had some very strong words. While the two have not always gotten along over the years, RVD clearly doesn't like the idea of Heyman not being a part of the brand.

"I think that without Paul fighting for a better direction to take ECW; I fear that it's in for some horrible changes," said Van Dam.

It seems the Originals are wrestling with the idea of what an ECW without Heyman will mean. However, for those who have only been with Heyman and the brand since debuting on Sci Fi in June of this year, the future is looking bright.

"To quote a famous man, Hulkamania dies when Hogan dies, 'Woo' dies when Ric Flair dies, but when that man [Heyman] is gone and while he's gone, ECW will live on," said relative newcomer Elijah Burke.

"During a hurricane, some trees fall, others remain standing," explained Matt Striker. "During a hurricane, some houses fall, others remain standing. But you can always go fishing again after the hurricane."

In an industry where nothing seems to stay the same, one ECW Original summed up what you can always count on.

"Well it just goes to show you, nothing ever surprises you in the world of sports-entertainment," said Little Guido.


Heyman's Dismissal

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