Extreme Homecoming

In just five days at the Biggest Party of the Summer, longtime bitter rivals and former WWE Champions Mick Foley and Ric Flair will square off in one of the most brutal matches in all of sports-entertainment, an "I-Quit" match. Tonight however, at his old stomping grounds on ECW on Sci Fi, Mick Foley plans to send a message to the legendary 16-time former World Heavyweight Champion, and he plans to do it in an extreme fashion.

Last night on RAW, Foley voiced his frustrations with his recent behaviors.

"I've been upset for most of the last week," said Foley. "I'm upset with myself because as I mentioned, I have been dealing from the ultimate position of strength. I was taking away from Flair what he wanted the most, a shot at me. And then, with the slightest suggestion that it was him and not me that participated in the world's greatest hardcore match, I folded. I conceded to Ric's wishes. I'm sick to my stomach at my own actions. Lately though, I have comforted myself with the knowledge that this Sunday at SummerSlam, I will take part in the complete and utter destruction of the legendary career of the Nature Boy Ric Flair."

It soon became apparent however that Foley is not necessarily ready to wait until this Sunday to get his hands on the legendary Nature Boy.

"But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself," said Foley. "We've got tomorrow, where Ric, I will be venturing to my old stomping grounds, ECW. And, I'm inviting you along for the ride because I will be competing in an event that is so extreme that I have never done it in my entire career."

Foley didn't elaborate on what exactly he had in mind for Tuesday night, but a few minutes later he seemed to execute the first part of what appears to be a master plan. Foley attacked Flair during his regularly scheduled match with Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro, who is coincidentally managed by Foley's good friend Melina. Foley sent Flair to the outside and went work, unleashing a fury of sharp right hands to the Nature Boy's head and face. Foley even attempted at one point to crush Flair's skull with the ring steps, but the savvy veteran was able to move out of the way at the last second.

Tonight at ECW on Sci Fi, Foley has vowed to send a message. After RAW, Foley spoke briefly with WWE.com, but declined to offer any explanation as to what that message might be.

"I'm not dropping any hints," said a seemingly anxious Foley. "But, it's something I've never done before. I think I'll just leave it to everybody's imagination."

After the brutal beating that Flair suffered on RAW, will he even be able to make it to ECW to witness this message? And what exactly is this message that Foley intends to deliver? What could the sickest and most hardcore individual in WWE history have in mind as he returns to his extreme roots? See for yourself, live tonight at 10/9 CT and only on Sci Fi.

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