Big Show and Sabu get extreme

On ECW on Sci Fi this week, ECW World Champion Big Show faced Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match for the ECW World Title. The rivalry has been brewing for weeks, and the tension seemed to be at an all-time high at Madison Square Garden. spoke with both competitors before their history-making confrontation in the World's Most Famous Arena.

"I'm sick of this guy Sabu," growled Big Show in an exclusive interview with "I mean does he really believe he can be a better representative in the globalization of Extreme Championship Wrestling? Paul Heyman picked me for a reason… I'm seven feet tall, I'm 500 pounds. I'm a walking freaking billboard. Everywhere I go people see me first; people recognize me first… Does this scarred up freak really think that his mutilated body is a better advertisement, a better billboard for ECW?"

The last time the Extremists met, Sabu lost his temper and attacked Big Show with the ring bell, causing him to lose the match by disqualification. With Tuesday's match being under Extreme Rules, many wondered what would happen with no rules to stand in either man's way. Even though Sabu has given his opponent a taste of what he can do when he goes extreme, Big Show felt confident.

"At Madison Square Garden, where Ali fought Frasier, where the Knicks took on the Lakers, where the Rangers took on the Bruins," preached the champ, "Big Show is going to once and for all beat Sabu at his own game and prove to Sabu just why Paul Heyman made the right choice by making me the poster boy for the new vision to ECW."

The champ is right. To win the match, he would have to beat Sabu at his own game, and defeat him in the dangerous match on which he has built his career: the Extreme Rules Match. Sabu has the scars to prove that he will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means putting his body on the line. Sabu had considerably less to say on the subject though.

"I'm tired of talking," sneered Sabu. "I'm tired of talking about Big Show. I'm tired of talking about what I'm going to do to Big Show. I'm just going to do it and when I'm done, come talk to me then."

Those watching Sci Fi on Tuesday night will witness a historic evening as ECW made its debut at MSG, but did the evening see the crowning of a new ECW World Champion as well?

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