Extremists respond to royal invasion

Tonight on ECW on Sci Fi, King Booker makes his first appearance ever in Extremist territory. Outside of his SmackDown kingdom, King Booker and Queen Sharmell were respectfully invited to the realm of hardcore by ECW's self-proclaimed "Messiah" Paul Heyman.

SmackDown's majestic King spoke to ECW.com prior to his visit to ECW on Sci Fi and offered very candid comments on his Extreme journey.

"I, the King of the World, have been invited by Paul Heyman to come to ECW," explained King Booker. "I will admit that I have heard much of this ECW within my kingdom amongst my subjects and my queen and I are looking forward to traversing to the land of the extreme to witness what Paul Heyman has put together."

The Extremists themselves also voiced their opinions of Heyman's invitation to King Booker.

"Royalty..in ECW?" questioned ECW Original Sandman. "There's no royalty in ECW and if I were to meet the supposed King Booker as Paul Heyman kisses his ass all over our locker room, I will introduce his royal highness to the king of all Singapore canes," he added.

Another ECW Original, Balls Mahoney, was looking forward to the arrival of King Booker and his queen…sort of.

"I've got to admit, I'm a really big fan of King Booker," Balls told ECW.com. "I think he's very entertaining. I'd love to have a match with him. But, if he thinks he's walking into ECW and not paying his dues like everyone else, then he might have to come face-to-face with me," he warned. "I'm not saying he can't beat, but he will never forget his experience with Balls Mahoney."

Even Ariel was fascinated by the majestic coming of SmackDown's King to ECW -- though she was not as eager for his royalty's Queen.

"I look into the tarot cards," said the sultry succubus as she sifted through her deck, "and I see a big future for King Booker in ECW…but no future for Queen Sharmell."

Trinity is one Vixen who looked forward to the visit as well.

"I understand King Boooker and Queen Sharmell are coming to ECW," she said. "I wonder if they've ever met anybody as hardcore as me." 

The young upstart, CM Punk saw King Booker's arrival as a potential opportunity for any of ECW's hungriest stars.

"King Booker is a man of great accomplishments," said Punk, "and if he wants to bring those credentials to ECW, I'm sure there's a long line of people who would like to test their skills against a man who holds SmackDown's World Heavyweight Championship."

Of all Extremists, Paul Heyman himself may been the most elated for King Booker and Queen Sharmell's presence on ECW on Sci Fi.

"The SmackDown World Heav Champion King Booker and his Queen have been invited to sample the flavor of Extreme," Heyman said. "When you look at King Booker's track record, accomplishments and work ethic, I would dare say [King Booker's] a perfect fit for ECW. And, Queen Sharmell goes is someone who truly learned the distinction of placing herself above all others. She has always kept her dignity and is a credit not only to SmackDown, but to all brands under the WWE umbrella," he continued.

Could King Booker have embarked into hostile territory on ECW on Sci Fi? Tune in tonight at 10/9 CT on Sci Fi Channel to find out.

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