Dismembered in the Chamber

At an ECW show today in Milwaukee, Wis., ECW's "Messiah" Paul Heyman declared that Rob Van Dam will, in fact, receive his ECW World Title opportunity at December to Dismember. However, Heyman also made the monumental announcement that RVD's title match will take place in the first-ever Extreme Elimination Chamber.

RVD earned his chance at the championship last week in a Ladder Match and, as announced on ECW.com earlier this week, Van Dam selected ECW's next pay-per-view on Dec. 3 as the setting for his title opportunity. However, the stipulations for that contest fall under Heyman's own judgment.

Thus, ECW World Champion Big Show will defend his gold against five other Extremists within the lethal chamber structure. In addition to the Extreme Giant and RVD, the remaining four participants will be determined through a series of qualifying matches that will take place over the next few weeks -- the first of which can be seen Tuesday night on ECW on Sci Fi.

The only thing more dangerous than the chamber itself will be the throng of hardcore competitors enclosed in its massive walls. Who will qualify for this unprecedented encounter? Exactly what awaits RVD, Big Show and the other Extremists at December to Dismember?

Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi to learn more about this unique and extreme event and be sure to catch December to Dismember on Dec. 3 on pay-per-view.

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