Heyman touches Couric

Wednesday afternoon, after paying a visit to the Ron & Fez Show on XM Radio, ECW's Paul Heyman picked up the check for CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric at the world famous Brooklyn Diner in New York City.

A renowned anchor at one of the largest broadcast networks in the nation, Couric was reportedly thankful and "touched" by the gesture. Commenting on his charitable act, Heyman provided ECW.com with the following statement.

"It was my pleasure," Heyman explained. "Hey, I have a brilliant future, while she just peaked!"

Prior to his encounter with Couric, the self-touted ECW "Messiah" brought satellite radio to the Extreme as he appeared on the Ron & Fez Show on XM Radio's High Voltage Channel. According to Heyman, it was a big day for ECW in the Big Apple and for ECW's "evil genius."

"Hey, I think she likes me," added an excited Heyman.

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