CM Punk gets Warped

CM Punk gets Warped

CM Punk was a special guest on Fuse's Warped Wednesday this week, where he was a behind-the-scenes interviewer for the music television network at the Warped Tour's stop in Phoenix.

Punk interviewed Warped Tour fans and Funeral for Friend drummer, Ryan Richards, who is a big WWE fan. He crashed Bayside's autograph signing for an interview; spoke with Throwdown drummer, Ben Dussault, about the straightedge lifestyle, hardcore and moshing; and played Guitar Hero with singer Howard Jones and bassist Mike D'Antonio of Killswitch Engage, as well as announced the band when they took the Warped Tour stage.

Most intriguing was Punk's televised interview with Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker -- the man behind the ECW Superstar's infamous Pepsi tattoo.

"When I was a kid and in school detention, I remember reading a Maximumrocknroll -- I'm from Chicago, so I don't know how I got my hands on it or whatever -- but I remember reading an interview about your Minor Threat days," Punk explained to Baker. 

"The interviewer asked you if you had a Coca-Cola tattoo, and he asked you why you had a Coca-Cola tattoo, and you basically said, ‘I like Coca-Cola.' Well, me being the young, impressionable, 14-year-old kid -- I don't like Coca-Cola, I like Pepsi," Punk said, rolling up his sleeve to reveal his inked arm.

"Well, I went out, got myself a Pepsi tattoo. And there's the infamous Brian Baker tattoo right there," Punk said as Baker rolled up his sleeve to compare biceps.

"Here's the Coke tattoo!" Baker said. "Well it means we both can get along!"

"That's gapping the generation, ladies and gentlemen," Punk smiled. "This guy, in a lot of ways, was a hero to me. And I just think I feel fortunate enough to be able to sit here and interview him here in Phoenix on the Warped Tour."

The Straightedge Superstar will be on Fuse's Warped Wednesday again July 25, from 2 to 6 p.m. ET.

Watch's video of Punk at the Warped Tour.

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