What a Punk!

What a Punk!

Why, CM Punk, why?

That's the question that ECW Diehards asked of the straightedge -- or maybe now not-so-straightedge -- Superstar after he shocked ECW tonight by joining the New Breed. The jaws of ECW fans at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, R.I. dropped in horror when Punk shook the hand of Elijah Burke and was hoisted atop the shoulders of the New Breed, sealing his new alliance with arrogant, young faction.

WWE.com caught up with Punk after he finished celebrating with new teammates Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker and Kevin Thorn. The Chicago native was not very forthcoming in explaining his reasons for joining the New Breed, but promised that ECW would soon see the real CM Punk.

"I know some people aren't going to be happy with my decision," he said. "But, trust me, I have my reasons.  Tonight is the first step in everyone finding out exactly who is CM Punk."

Punk's decision to join the New Breed is puzzling. At first, he told the New Breed he didn't need their help. Then, Punk kept them -- and all of ECW -- guessing for weeks as he repeatedly said he would "think about it." The New Breed, led by Elijah Burke, told Punk -- particularly before his Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23, where he narrowly missed winning the opportunity at a World Championship -- that he belonged with them because he was the future of ECW, and they could help him achieve his dreams.

Time will tell whether the hungry Punk made the right choice.

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