Who should challenge the champ?

ECW fans have been given the rare opportunity to select who will battle ECW World Champion Lashley for the gold on Jan. 2. Right now, fans can cast their vote on ECW.com before the announcement is made live tonight on ECW on Sci Fi. Until later tonight, the question remains: who will it be? Rob Van Dam, Test or Sabu? VOTE NOW

ECW.com spoke with several Extremists who provided their own insight into this interactive experience and even revealed who they think should face the champion.

Tommy Dreamer: "Who should face the ECW World Champion -- RVD, Sabu and Test? That's a really interesting question. If the ECW fans pick RVD or Sabu, Lashley will be hated, but if they pick Test, Lashley will be loved. I'd love to see any of those matches, personally."

Kevin Thorn: "I'd have to choose Rob Van Dam to face Lashley. Fate would have to decide that one."

Matt Striker: "Poll? I am not xenophobic; I do not fear foreigners. Whether they are Polish, Russian, Austrian, Italian…let's be politically correct. Now, being a man of my astute whim, I realize people like choice. I realize that people like me and I can't imagine that our audience wants to see an animal like Lashley hurt a gentle being such as myself and that's why I'm not part of that triumvirate [RVD, Sabu and Test]. Honestly, why not have all three battle Lashley? After all, the ECW audience should be privy to the utmost athletic contest."

Kelly Kelly: "I pick Test because he's been a former partner of my ex-boyfriend Mike Knox. I think Lashley should give him a big beat down, then maybe Lashley will come after Mike one day and he'll get what's coming to him."

Joey Styles: "I would like to see Test go one-on-one with Lashley because both are power wrestlers and I would want to see a good old-fashioned power versus power match. It would be a "Holy crap! How strong are these two guys?" type of encounter."

Rene Dupree: "Probably RVD or Sabu, just because I have no idea who would take the gold."

Elijah Burke: "That's not a good question to ask me…obviously, I want what the people want, and they want the "Experienced One" Elijah Burke in that ring fighting for the ECW World Title. If not, my answer would be Sylvester Terkay. He's a hybrid fighting machine and a three-time All-American wrestling champion. So, let me ask you, why are we overlooked?"

Balls Mahoney: "I'm going to be selfish…it should be me. And if I were to face Lashley, I'd be the old Balls Mahoney from the original ECW and see how he can handle it."


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