Experiencing the future

Experiencing the future

The future of ECW has been determined, and it was not foretold by Ariel's Tarot cards. When Mr. McMahon visited ECW on Sci Fi for the first time ever, he announced Elijah Burke as the future of the brand. Burke didn't see the statement as a prediction or a compliment; rather, he said the Chairman was merely pointing out the obvious.

"It's something I already know," Burke told ECW.com. "It's something all of the ECW fans already know, whether they accept it or not. Trust me, YOUR paragon of virtue shall do as he's always done -- continue to rise up the ranks and take charge of ECW."

Mr. McMahon's visit didn't exactly warm the ECW Originals. He brushed by them with snide remarks, anxious to declare what Burke already knew. While the Chairman spoke, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and Balls Mahoney ran to the ring and attacked Mr. McMahon's golden boy. The brash Burke couldn't back up his words in the crosshairs of the founding Extremists of ECW.

"As you saw by what took place," Burke said, "you know that it took not one, not two, not even three, but four ECW Originals to come out to the ring and try to take down the Experience. Needless to say, I live to fight another day and each one of them will be handled and dealt with accordingly."

For Burke, the ECW Originals are in a state of denial and it's just a matter of time before they realize and accept the inevitable.

"There comes a point of time in life and it goes like this: Out with the old; in with the new."

Burke plans on taking ECW fans along for the ride to the top of sports-entertainment. Instead of simply putting on a show, Burke has given his followers access to the heart of the Elijah Burke Experience with his weekly ECW.com blog.

"I am the guiding light for ECW fans," he said. "I am able to take them to places they've never been. I'm able to shine my light on the dark world of many, many ECW fans. They're like my disciples. To take a page out of a wise man's mouth, I am their messiah."

During his visit, Mr. McMahon proclaimed that the original ECW "sucked." He vowed to give the brand meaning, and Burke is clearly a big part of that plan.

Could the Originals prevent this potential revolution at ECW? They have many years under their belts, but what it boils down to now is a matter of Experience.

"Sometimes people are afraid of change, but change can be good. Sometimes it can be bad. In this case, it's both because it's good for me and it's bad for them. Nonetheless, a change is a coming."

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